Writers Wanted For Wrestling Fanzine

The Calling Spots Wrestling Fanzine is planning a talent search to expand on our fantastic creative team. Unlike our previous searches, we are currently looking for prospective new writers this time around, amongst other things:

Because we get a high volume of people interested in writing for us, it’s essential we get people who fit in with the theme of the ‘zine. For this reason, I cannot stress enough how vital it is that all candidates have read a copy of the fanzine.

Writers – The plan is to run a “gut check” style programme for possible candidates, in order to give people a trial for us to assess their writing style. Each candidate will be given a task to write an article about a certain subject that will be published on our website. After a couple of online articles, successful candidates will progress to writing in the fanzine. We may also look to recruit website only writers, or offer writers the opportunity to have articles featured on our website too.

Creative People – Nice and ambiguous. Our current team (and one-off contributors) have included illustrators, cartoon artists, wrestlers, photographers, models, a poet, a film critic and even a published fiction author. Basically – we are always looking to try something different. If you feel you can offer us this, get in touch.

Affiliate Promotions – We are keen to help promote other cool wrestling projects that we believe in, in return for you promoting us. We cut deals on an individual basis so please email for further details. To date we have partnered with WrestlingRambles.com, TwoCountTees.com, IVPVideos.com, the WrestleView.com International Desk radio show and the Atomic Elbow fanzine.

Models – We are branching out and have a fantastic new project on the horizon which requires both male and female models.

The fanzine is non-profit, in that all money made is used for overheads and reinvested into growing this project. For that reason, we are a very tight-knit team who all do this for the love of our respective art, and for the love of pro wrestling, not for financial gain. We want this project that artists of all shapes and sizes, with a passion for wrestling, can come and help develop themselves.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your proposal, or any queries you have, to callingspots@gmail.com

When sending us your proposal, tell us why you would like this chance as well as what you enjoyed most about Issue 1 of the Calling Spots Pro Wrestling Fanzine. Unless you have read our work, you don’t know our style. Any applications where this is not the case will unfortunately be automatically rejected. You would never go to a job interview (I hope) without researching the companies ethos, vision and background.

Thanks – Rich, Editor.