We’re back!

The title says it all really. Hope you all have missed us. I tend to babble on in these posts so I will try and just get to the skinny. Issue 3 of your favourite wrestling fanzine – Calling Spots – is available for pre order now and should be landing on your door step in early December.

Calling Spots wrestling Fanzine
Calling Spots Issue 3

Normally I go on to explain what we have in store….but I think you guys get the drill now. Buy our magazine and you get some of the most different, banter filled, often slightly obscure and always entertaining wrestling content and art from around the world. We have got a few secrets in store as well as a Christmas gift for our winter issue. The only way you can join in the fun is to visit our merch page and fork out with either £2 or $3. That is a much better deal than this:

horse shit

Is “Semi-Rotten” meant to be a selling point? Anway, here is what some peeps tweeted us about the last one:

Calling Spot wrestling fanzine

Why pre-order? Surely you could just pick up your copy whenever or if you see it at a show, surely? The best reason why we think you should pre-order, is because it means you have a chance of getting even more free stuff with your magazine. Everyone gets some free bits in the envelope, but all pre-orders get entered into our competition to win 1 of a massive pile of wrestling DVDs (thanks to IVP Videos) or even a wrestling T-Shirt (thanks to Two Count Tees). Plus, we have a special ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ offer for NEW customers (currently just UK fans due for postage reason) so you can get your hands on our back catalogue and see what all the fuss is about.

Thanks for the support guys – as you know we spend all the profits on making this thing bigger and better. Get your copy. Support Calling Spots. Spread the word. Thank you xx

Calling Spots Fanzine