The Return of the NWO

The Return Of The NWO – By Michael Brown

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The New World Order is an emotive subjective amongst wrestling fans. In its’ heyday, the NWO was the hottest thing the wrestling world had ever seen. Ever since the stables’ last run in 2002, fans have been clamoring for a reformation, or the return of the New World Order. On one level this is understandable. The original stable in WCW was immensely popular. Hogan, Hall and Nash’s wrestling immortality was created through their time in being the original founders of the cutting edge group.

NWO returning
Will the NWO return in 2012?

I initially tried to do a balanced debate of the pros and cons of the return of the NWO. However, I found the list of negatives regarding a return to be absolutely overwhelming. I accept that this is solely my opinion and that some of will be reading that comment with horror. You’re perfectly entitled to disagree with me. However, I’m going to try and explain why the NWO should NOT return.

At their zenith, the NWO were right on the cutting edge. No-one is disputing that. However, the NWO was a product of its time. It was an invasion that started with Hall and Nash that felt like a hostile invasion from another promotion, IE the WWF. There isn’t any other threat to the WWE at the minute. Even the name “New World Order” is ridiculous in this day and age. Think about it. The “New World Order” was formed in 1996. This is 2012, there is absolutely nothing “new” about the NWO in this day and age. If anything, the NWO has become part of the wrestling establishment.
This isn’t even mentioning the fact that at it’s best, the NWO had very few members, and the vast majority of its iconic moments come from those three individuals being members. Hogan is at TNA, continuing his denial and ignorance to the fact that he really isn’t a big draw anymore. Scott Hall has become another wrestling tragedy, whose story was covered in the very first issue of “Calling Spots” for those looking for further reading. Kevin Nash is still on the go, but personally speaking I did not enjoy the feud he had with Triple H whatsoever. Nash is another man who needs to accept that his time has come and gone.

So, if your not going to involve the original members,your merely using a bunch of guys with absolutely no connection to the original stable, what’s the point? You’d be reviving a legendary name just for the sake of the NWO coming back for nostalgia. However, if you reboot a new version of the NWO with totally new guys in it they are ultimately going to be compared to the original trio. Given the success of the original group, that is an unenviable task. It could actually have a negative impact on the guys involved if they fail to live up to the success of the original stable. They would forever be associated with the failure of the rebirth of the stable, which is something that they might never recover from.
If the WWE wanted to go ahead with a new stable similar to the NWO, it would be far more beneficial to be creative and come up with something new. For too long wrestling has been complacent in relying on old ideas and stars as opposed to coming up with something new. Creating a new stable would be far more beneficial for the company and for the guys associated with it. They would have their own place in history. More importantly the new stable would not be in the shadow of the the NWO, which is definitely a saving grace for the long term prospects of the group.

Let us not forget as well, TNA attempted to reboot the NWO. Remember “The Band”? In 2010, TNA tried to go head-to-head with Raw on Monday Nights by getting Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman back together to bring the NWO back in all but name. The results were disastrous, or disastrously predictable depending on your politics. It did not help TNA’s ratings improve whatsoever, with TNA ultimately retreating back to Thursday nights ending an extremely brief revival of the Monday Night Wars.

I understand the nostalgic memories people have of the NWO, and I can understand the desire people have to see the group make a comeback. However, there’s a basic rule in show-business: “Always leave them wanting more.” The NWO has more than achieved this. Let it enjoy a dignified death, and enjoy the memories we have from a group that truly changed the face of professional wrestling.


Article by Michael Brown. Twitter @MichaelBrown_91

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NWO returning in 2012