Main Event Wrestling – We Like to Party, 25th March 2016


Accompanied by yet another wrestling virgin (how do these people still exist!?) myself and my trusty group of MEW fanatics returned to The Innisfree for some more top notch wrestling by the Northeast’s biggest promotion. After months of trying to convince Kirsty (the newbie) to come and check out a show with the promise of semi-naked muscle-bound men, cheap drink and scantily clad women (apparently she doesn’t have a “lesbian haircut”) it was the fact the show was named after a Venga Boys lyric that finally got her to change her mind. In my opinion more companies should give their shows amusing names as not only did this prove as a draw for Kirsty but I have also attended other shows where quirky names had worked to get people through the door. Then again who could possibly turn down a show in Newcastle called “Jimmy Nail’s Revenge”? Sat on the front row (cos I’m kindof a big deal [and I reserve them as soon as they are announced]) my group had a fantastic vantage point for what promised to be a great show.

The show started with a five man match pitting Mihai, Assassin, Saxon Hurley, Adam Christ and Alexander Henry against one another to become the first ever MEW North East champion. Although I was pretty familiar with the majority of the participants it was the was the first time him I had seen MEW newcomer Saxon Hurley perform live. This was also the first time that I had seen the new look Adam Christ. After the horrendous beating he had taken by The New Age Kliq at the previous MEW show he had been approached by Mr Hollywood who offered to take him under his wing and get him winning again, the first step towards this seems to be Hollywood sharing the contents of his wardrobe with Christ as he emerged wearing a garish red, white and blue jumper (possibly knitted by someone’s blind grandmother) and gloves with lights on them. This was quite the change for a man who is usually adorned all in black and white. His was not the only entrance of note as the dastardly Alexander Henry angrily responded to some rowdy children and made a small girl cry. The match itself was entertaining with each participant having at least one moment where it appeared that they were about to win the match. It was former MEW heavyweight champ Assassin who seemed most likely as he was in the ascendancy for much of the contest hitting several moves that drew reactions from the crowd. In the end it was Henry who stole the victory when he pinned the impressive Mihai after he had been left prone by one of the other participants.

This was the first five man suplex I had ever seen
This was the first five man suplex I had ever seen
Adam Christ's new "unique" look
Adam Christ’s new “unique” look

Next up was a triple threat match between Aria Sapphire, Erin Night and Little Miss Roxxy. Perhaps this match signalled the beginning of a new MEW women’s division as none of the participants were particularly familiar to the crowd, Sapphire and Night were both making their MEW debuts and Roxxy was wrestling only her second match for the company. Perhaps it was lack of familiarity with the competitors or perhaps it was that they were recovering from the previous match but the crowd seemed quiet despite the lively action inside the ring. Night spent much of the match at the receiving end of punishment from both Roxxy and Sapphire as the pair teamed up against the Wakefield native. Despite an attempted comeback by Night it was Little Miss Roxxy that won the match as she was able to hurl Sapphire from the ring before going for the pin on Night.

Night took a heck of a pasting from Sapphire and Roxxy
Night took a heck of a pasting from Sapphire and Roxxy

Following the triple threat was a Tag Team title match with Martin Kirby and ‘The Heartthrob’ Iain Robinson challenging Drake and The Dragon. The champions came to the ring to the usual chorus of boos while Drake did his best to intimidate some young children who had decided it was their duty to inform him that he was both hairy and baldy at the same time. Unfortunately his response of “I’d come over there but I’ve only just got off that register” did not get the cheer it deserved and the crowd continued to side with the children by alternating between booing the champs and cheering on the challengers. The challengers came close to capturing the titles a few times but were foiled at the end when Drake and The Dragon used all of their experience tagging together to their advantage (along with the usual interference from their nefarious manager Mr D) and pinned their opponents after a brutal double team manoeuver.

Prince Ameen emerged from the dressing room after the tag team bout and explained the rules of his scheduled ‘Prince Pressure Lock Challenge’. Basically think Masterlock Challenge but with a camel clutch replacing the full nelson. Stepping up to the challenge were two of MEW’s biggest beefcakes Jose Malergo and Loco Ryder (who I am still yet to see in the same place and time as his cousin Robbie Ryder). Unfortunately neither of the masked duo were able to escape the hold despite the crowd being fully behind them both. The crowd’s disappointment didn’t last long Chris Masters made his entrance shortly afterwards and after some posing (this was the first time I became aware of how much Kirsty was enjoying the show as she let out several groans of “Phwoar!”) and issued his Masterlock Challenge to Ameen. Prince Ameen made several attempts to delay the inevitable by claiming Masters was grabbing his hair or bending the rules in other ways failed and he was unable to escape the clutches of the former WWE superstar.

After the various challenges the crowd were treated to some more wrestling as Alex Kavero faced off with Sean Only. Sean Only was making his first ever MEW appearance and Kavero was making his first MEW appearance since he had his beloved top knot removed at the hands of Grado at 2015’s Northern Bash. It was clear who the audience were behind as they gave a hero’s welcome to local boy Kavero. The pair hit each other with several chops that made the fans whince along with a variety of other hard hitting strikes before Kavero gained the upper hand with a well executed suplex. This was the beginning of the end for Sean Only as soon after he was hit with a F5 then pinned by Ashington’s finest.

The Kavero Section was in full voice
The Kavero Section was in full voice

The shows main event was ‘The Primate’ Jason Prime defending his MEW heavyweight title against Liam Lazarus. Despite their differing styles the pair were equally matched and put on the match of the night whilst battling around the venue. Prime was able to have win the match even after he had his head literally put through a wall. This was probably the third or fourth time I had seen Lazarus and Prime compete against each other and it is a credit to both grapplers that each time they have shown something new and left the fans emotionally drained. If you ever get the chance to see either perform anywhere in the country you should definitely check them out.

Something else you should check out if you are in the area is MEW’s next show 4WayWar this Friday (13th May) at the Innisfree. So far announced for the show is:
– A triple threat match between Little Miss Roxxy, Aria Sapphire and Lucy Cole
– Drake and The Dragon defending their title against the teams of Loco Ryder and Mihai as well as the newly formed team of Saxon Hurley and Prince Ameen
– Jason Prime defending his title in a fatal four way match against Liam Lazarus, Sean Only and Iain Robinson
– Kenny Williams against Noam Dar in one of Dar’s last matches before he competes in WWE’s Global Cruiserweight Series.
If you are interested in the show you can contact Main Event Wrestling via their Facebook page or by calling 07973410170. Kirsty has asked to is go so what more do you need to know? I hope to see you there.