Issue 2 news and new partnership

We have two new updates for you wonderful people. I am pleased to announce our partnership and that Issue 2 of the Calling Spots Fanzine is now available for pre-order. WOAH…..slow down!!!

TwoCountTees are an Irish based t-shirt company who have just released their first range of cool alternative wrestling tshirts, such as the “Ric Flair retirement tour 1975, 1994, 2008, ????” and “I’m a Paul Heyman Guy” shirts. All shirts are available for less than 20 euros with free shipping. Check them out. To celebrate the partnership, and the impending launch of Issue 2 of the Calling Spots Fanzine, TwoCountTees have supplied us with some tshirts to give away FREE. So how do I win one of those bad boys?

To win a free Paul Heyman Guy or Ric Flair tshirt – simply pre-order a copy of Issue 2 of the Calling Spots Fanzine (or purchase Issue 1) from our MERCH PAGE and send a tweet to your followers telling them why you did. Simple. We have a couple of tshirts, as well as a pile of wrestling DVDs to give away thanks to our pals at TwoCountTees and IVPVideos. Winners will be picked at random from all pre-orders placed before the date Issue 2 is released.

So, what is going to be featured in Issue 2?

  • Gabe Sapolsky interview – An exclusive sit-down interview with the  vice president of Dragon Gate USA, owner of Evolve, and former booker for Ring of Honor and Full Impact Pro
  • Shit wrestling is shit – A look into at the gulf between the best and the worst shows
  • More of Mark Henry sweating in cartoon format
  • IPW:UK Revolution – A weird article that is 1/3 show review, 1/3 DVD review and 1/3 about me and my mate pissing about in London
  • More wrestling dream matches and top notch illustrations
  • Evolution of the cage match – A self explanatory article
  • Wrestling romance/erotica – YES you read that right. Think 50 shades of grey but with loads more baby oil!!
  • An interview with Mad Man Manson – my favourite interview of all time, Manson REALLY got into the obscure theme of our fanzine and produced an absolute magic interview
  • Top 10 most ANTICIPATED Wrestlemania matches part 2
  • Learn another “Classic Wrestling Hold”
  • Collaborations with some other cool wrestling projects from around the world
  • Plenty more wrestling banter, cartoons, articles, paintings and some poetry.

You can pre-order your copy of Issue 2 of the Calling Spots Wrestling Fanzine HERE.


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