Issue 14 Preview

We think it’s cute.
We know it’s sexy.
It’s got the looks.
That drives the girls wild….

We are very happy to announce that the fourteenth issue of our alternative wrestling magazine is available to order now, in print, for less than two quid.

Hopefully you agree that ‘Mr WrestleMania’ gracing our front cover makes this the sexiest wrestling magazine cover you will find anywhere in the world. Perfect for having signed if you are meeting ‘The Showstopper’ on his UK tour or at London Wrestlecon.

calling spots magazine

Inside Calling Spots #14 you will find:


Dr Jekyll and Mr WrestleMania – Stewart Brookes of the New Generation Podcast reflects back on Shawn Michael’s attitude and accomplishments during the 90s, including both his dazzling in-ring work and him being a bit naughty along the way.

Exclusive Rocky Romero Interview – Our exclusive interview and photo shoot with the NJPW and RoH star brought to you by Portrait of a Wrestler.

rocky romero

The Celtic Worry – Wrestling News Source’s Lee Jordan muses over whether there is some Great White hope for Sheamus ahead of his big return.

Attitude Era Podcast – Kefin joins us for his usual column, this issue weighing in with some thoughts on the late and controversial Andy Kaufman.

Lucha Underground – We speak to the Executive and Co-Executive producers for an behind the curtain look at what looks to be America’s new number two wrestling promotion. In this truly fascinating piece, both Chris DeJoseph and Eric Van Wagenen give some real insight into their vision and strategy for a company which appears to be heading straight for the #2 position in the American wrestling landscape.

Lucha underground

 #GIVEWRESTLINGACHANCE – Martin Smith of Snapmare Necks asks us all to #GIVEWRESTLINGACHANCE instead of simply coming up with hashtags about female wrestlers.


As always, our alternative wrestling magazine has been put together out of love for professional wrestling. We are nothing like FSM is or Powerslam was and do not intend to be. Our aim is simply to bring you something different that you can enjoy. If that sounds good then we would love for you to give it a try.

You can grab your copy today for just £1.99 HERE.