Calling Spots

I made a Fanzine. It’s pretty good. You will like it. As long as you like wrestling and my shan banter.

I have been writing stuff about wresting for a little while now, years in fact, both for currently and back in the day. I love it, talking about wrestling is great. But I wanted to do something a bit different and produce something tangible that I could hold in the material world.

So I did. It’s called “Calling Spots: A Pro Wrestling Fanzine”

It’s all about wrestling (imagine if it wasn’t) and is a mix of insightful articles, random banter, cartoon strips and illustrations, poetry, retro film reviews and loads of other stuff. Based in the UK I have aimed to cover both the UK scene with interviews and articles, mainstream US stuff with plenty content on WWE, WCW, TNA and ECW and indy content from all around the globe.

Although I started this project, and a lot of the words are my own, I could not have done this without the help of my little team here at Calling Spots:

Nik Towers (TET  Commics) – Graphic genius who will be providing you with “wrestling dream matches” each issue.

Adam Alexander (TET Comics) – Cartoon artist here at Calling Spots. Happy to pen “Mark Henry Sweating Scenarios”. Nice.

Andy Graham – Film guru. Only likes wrestling if the guardrail is solid (like WWE) not bars (like WCW/TNA). Will be reviewing cult films starring wrestlers. Even wrote a little poem.

Pyro (Full Tilt Wrestling) – The owner of our “classic wrestling holds” feature each issue which will feature fellow FTW wrestlers.

Lee Goodfellow (IWE News) – Indy guru from Indy Wrestling Express. Will be providing coverage from around the world in each issue.

Our fanzine is available from the merch page. We made it for YOU. Hope you like it.