Editor’s letter – December



As many of you will know, I write one of these to open up every issue of our wrestling magazine. Usually I touch on the themes inside that particular issue of Calling Spots, some observations or feelings on the world of professional wrestling and I am always super grateful for each and every one of you for supporting what we do. I truth, I’m usually still blown away that we sell thousands of magazines when my original goal for issue one was to simply sell 40 copies.


I wanted to get a few words jotted down, not as ‘Calling Spots’ but from me – Richard Penaluna – a fella who just happens to be the Editor of Calling Spots.


A few members of my team and I have just finished a gruelling but very rewarding 48 hours of no sleep, lots of coffee and what felt like a million boxes and envelopes to be packed. In October we announced that we had brought Wrestle Crate – the original pro wrestling loot crate – to the UK and Europe. Coinciding with the launch of issue 19 was our second UK-based Wrestle Crate.


The purpose of this message is twofold. First, I wanted to thank you. At the end of the day, both Calling Spots and Wrestle Crate are family owned businesses. All of the less-glamorous tasks, such as printing a thousand address labels or nicely folding hundreds of t-shirts, are all done by me and a few people involved in either project who kindly help. With that in mind, as I’m so involved in all aspects, I see and remember the names of our most loyal readers. This week I’ve genuinely been excited to exclaim things to those helping such as “Lee Mahon…he is a Calling Spots reader. Great guy.” while I’ve been packing his Wrestle Crate. To those that have supported one, both or even just told somebody about what we are doing and trying to achieve – thank you, so much. It genuinely means the world to me and I know that all of my team love “release day” to see what everybody thinks of the latest issue of Calling Spots magazine or their new Wrestle Crate.

pro wrestling loot crate uk


The second thing I wanted to do was to tell you all about a couple of little extra things that I’m doing as a “thank you” to the Calling Spots readers who are supporting Wrestle Crate. I am currently working on TWO exclusive Calling Spots items that will feature inside Wrestle Crate in early 2016, one of which is a super secret project in collaboration with one of the finest professional wrestlers these shores have ever seen. We’re still dotting the Is and crossing the Ts but I’m very excited to be able to put together something this creative. Both items will only be available inside Wrestle Crate.


You can read more about Wrestle Crate by visiting our website (where you can use the code “CALLINGSPOTS” to get 10% off your first Crate) or come and talk to us on social media:

Twitter @WrestleCrateUK

Facebook /WrestleCrateUK


We will soon be taking votes for our annual Calling Spots Hall of Fame – our opportunity to recognise those who’ve pioneered in the sport and made invaluable contributions. Our new magazine should be with you any day now. I hope that you dig it. And finally, I’d like to encourage you to come and talk to me. About Calling Spots, about Wrestle Crate or just about wrestling. This is your magazine, not a sponsor’s or a publisher’s. This is your monthly subscription service of wrestling goodies. Come and talk to me, on email or social media. Tell me what you like and don’t like. Not only do I thoroughly love chatting to you but I cannot wait to hear the awesome ideas that you have.


If I don’t speak to you beforehand; have the best Christmas ever and watch lots of wrestling.


Thank you,


Richard Penaluna

Editor in Chief