Calling Spots gets The Atomic Elbow

I am delighted to announce that the Calling Spots Pro Wrestling Fanzine is teaming up with the fantastic The Atomic Elbow Fanzine in one sweet Fanzine tag team (my word that was clichéd!!) as we try to branch out into each other territories.

Here at the Calling Spots Head Office…or Base….the Calling Spots Base, that sounds better, anyway….Here at the Calling Spots Base we are so appreciative of our fans in the United States (and all over the world) that we feel bad that the post man dictates how much we have to charge you to send you a copy of our humble little magazine. And I know The Atomic Elbow feels EXACTLY the same way about his fans here in the UK. I know this because we have spoken about it at length. So, for a very limited time only we have a small stock of each other’s fanzines to sell in our respective countries.  Basically we just want to save you guys as much money as we can if possible, as well as give our fans the chance to find out about another great fanzine.

The Atomic Elbow and Calling Spots are VERY different, but are equally excellent. Issue 2 of Atomic Elbow has just been released and is fantastic. It contains:

  • a 12,000 word essay about Clash of the Champions XVII
  • Chikara and Ring of Honor Show reports from The Black Cat of the Old School Wrestling Podcast
  • An interview with “king of the referees” Bryce Remsburg
  • Amazing “Official Ratings 1983 and 1990” drawings by Box Brown
  • A Kevin Sullivan article
  • A free button with Bryce Remsburg’s face on
  • Loads more

It’s a great read and VERY well done. It is written with a similar love for the wrestling business as you will find in Calling Spots and shares our ethos of wrestling being fun. If you liked Calling Spots Issue 1 then you will like The Atomic Elbow Issue 2, even more so if you like your wrestling to be old school.

So, how is this going to work? Obviously we both still sell our own Fanzines all over the world from our own website, but for a very limited time only, we have 10 copies of each other’s fanzine for sale in America and the UK. The next 10 people in America who want to buy a copy of the Calling Spots Fanzine, head over to the Atomic Elbow website to save a few dollars on postage. For readers here in the UK who want to get their hands on a copy of The Atomic Elbow for cheap, just click here to go to our Merch page.

We have two options available, as we are ONLY selling copies of The Atomic Elbow to the UK (all other countries please visit The Atomic Elbow Website) we have kept it simple and ALL PRICES INCLUDE POSTAGE COSTS. So if you would like a copy of The Atomic Elbow Issue 2 and a free badge then it is £3.50. However we are offering a mega deal on a copy of both The Atomic Elbow Issue 2 and Calling Spots Issue 1 for just £5.50. Click here to order.

We have only 10 copies available and these WILL sell out fast. So get your copy today.

As always peeps  -Hope you enjoy the read(s).