Calling Spots DVD Night: wrestlemania x7

We all “Live Tweet” WWE Raw, Pay-Per-Views, IMPACT….but why not go back a bit and live tweet an old PPV? Well….on your own it’s not too fun. Basically you are just talking to yourself. But what if we got LOADS of wrestling fans together, from all over the place, via social networking for some of the greatest shows of all time? Well you know what….we are going to give it a bash:


We tweeted about this concept, after 15 minutes of our phone vibrating non-stop we realised people were up for it. The next day we released the above poster and we have had an unreal amount of tweets, retweets, likes, shares and all the other social network jargon you can think of. So, this is your OFFICIAL invite to the coolest WrestleMania warm up party that is happening right in your own home with all your coolest mate. Here are some of the key details:


Where? Twitter (and kind of Facebook….but let’s just say Twitter and keep it simple)

When? Sunday March 3st at 7pm (UK Time…3pm EST for our US fans)

How? Ok this is the good bit. Between now and March 31st you need to source a copy of WrestleMania 17 on DVD, VHS, your hard drive, etc. You might want to round up some mates, get some nice snacks and chill some Steveweisers. From now until the event we will be chatting on Twitter via the hashtag #CallingSpotsX7 – This bit is important is this is how you will link in with everyone else at the party by following that hashtag. Please plug this to your wrestling buddies on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Copy the poster above, link us in tweets @CallingSpots or link this very page. YOU are crucial to this party. We are super happy that you want to join us so please spread the word. If this event turns out to be as popular as it seems it is going to be then our plan is to do this more often, voting on which shows you want to watch. Imagine how quality it will be getting wrestling fans from around the world watching and discussing the greatest wrestling shows of all time! On Sunday 31st we will ramp up the conversation to get the last few people involved.


At 18:45 on Sunday 31st you need to start your DVD/VHS/(legal) Download and skip the “don’t try this at home” stuff. Once you get to the START of the WWF intro you hit PAUSE. Then you tweet #CallingSpotsX7 to say you are ready. At exactly 18:59 we will do a countdown and BOOM, as the clock hits 19:00 you hit play. We should all be in sync (ish) and ready to chat. Then from there you basically go crackers and have the time of your life Tweeting your best banter and observations about the epic WrestleMania X-Seven event!!


We really hope you can join us – we have a really great feeling about this! Even if you cannot get a hold of the show or will be out and about, feel free to join in the banter on #CallingSpotsX7.


Until then, feel free to pick up your copy of Calling Spots: A Pro Wrestling Fanzine issues 1-4 HERE for just £2 each. These will get you nicely warmed up.

Calling Spots Fanzine

Thanks guys – we cannot wait to see you all there!!

Rich (Editor)