Royal Rumble 2013 DVD review and giveaway

Each year the ‘Road to WrestleMania’ begins with the most exciting night of the WWE’s calendar  -The Royal Rumble. It’s the one show of the year that even non-wrestling fans seem to be interested in due to the mayhem that is the 30-man Royal Rumble match. To celebrate releasing this year’s event on DVD & Bluray on Monday April 15th, we decided to have a quick look back at the event to whet your appetite and, if you read all the way through, you may find that there is a chance to win a free copy of Royal Rumble 2013 on DVD EXCLUSIVELY for Calling Spots readers from FremantleMedia….cheers guys!!

royal rumble 2013 dvd

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Calling Spots Rough Guide: How to Win the Royal Rumble

By Chris Pilkington

WWE’s annual battle royale is just around the corner. Thirty of the biggest superstars in the WWE Universe are preparing their battle plans for this Sunday night all for the honour of headlining at WrestleMania. Many have entered, but only a select few have ever had what it takes to outlast 29 other men (and women) and claim the biggest prize in professional wrestling. We’ve been watching the tapes, we’ve done the maths and we’ve compiled the evidence to bring you the ultimate guide on how to win the Royal Rumble. It’s such a winning formula that we guarantee success!*


*Success not guaranteed

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