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Calling Spots The Book

We are delighted to announce that we have released our first ever book. That’s right, we have made a proper, 270 page book; Calling Spots The Collection – Volume 1. Thanks to your support, our magazine has evolved so much over our almost-three year existence into what it is today.

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free magazine

As you may or may not know, we make a professional wrestling magazine. Over the past three years, our team of writers, artists and photographers have worked extremely hard to create what we believe to be the best independently published wrestling magazine in the world.


We’re old school. Our magazine is best enjoyed in it’s true format – PRINT. We have been told that “there is nothing better than enjoying a copy of Calling Spots, filling in the crossword, on a Sunday, with a cup of tea”. We also appreciate that you work very hard for your money, so you need to be sure our magazine is for you before you give us your hard-earned £1.99 (plus a pound for the postman). With that said, we do strive to offer superb value for money, both in terms of the quality and content of the magazine as well as with the free gifts we often give with orders of our printed magazines.


With that in mind, we have decided to take the ‘Pepsi challenge’ and demonstrate why we believe our £1.99 fanzine is great value for money at half the price of the market leading UK-based wrestling magazine. So much so that we would like you to sample a digital version of our magazine for FREE.

Please click the link below to access a FREE version of the eighth installment of our alternative professional wrestling magazine. This will open in your web browser to read as a 25mb PDF file. This can then be downloaded to your desktop, tablet or mobile device.


There is no ‘catch’ – we just want to give as many people as possible a chance to see what we do and to see why our amazing readers have such great things to say about our humble little magazine. If you enjoy it, please tell us about it, share the link with a friend for them to read it but also be sure to check out our SHOP page to grab a ‘proper’ printed copy of our latest issue to support us and help our continued growth.


Your FREE digital issue is waiting for you HERE:

Calling Spots Issue 11 DIGITAL



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issue 8

The eighth installment of our professional wrestling fanzine is mere weeks away from landing on your doorstep. If you haven’t got your order in yet, you can do for just two British pounds (plus P&P) by clicking HERE. Read on to find out what you have to look forward to:

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Waist Not, Want Not:

The following is a FREE article, written for the latest issue of Calling Spots. Issue seven of our fanzine is our Championship Edition, where we celebrate great professional wrestling champions and championships, from all over the world and spanning every era. With that in mind, resident journalist Chris Pilkington’s latest article explores….


 You’ve toiled for years. You’ve trained day in, day out, paid your dues and against all odds you’ve made it to the dance. You worked even harder, intent on proving yourself worthy of your spot and slowly but surely worked your way up the card. One day, the boss pulled you to one side and told you what you’d been longing to hear since the day you first started running the ropes.  You’re finally winning a championship. Now comes the hard part. It’s time to make the hardest decision of your wrestling life. It’s time to decide how you’re going to wear your belt.

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Calling spots six available now


We have been a little bit sneaky this time around. Calling Spots SIX is available NOW.

No pre orders. No messing. Order your copy right now and we will stick it in the post for you tomorrow. How good is that?!





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What we look for

Here at the Calling Spots office, we often get emails asking if we are looking for new writers, so I wanted to answer this publically. Are we looking for new writers? Well….technically no. We are never really looking for new contributors of any medium, but that does not mean the opportunity is not there.

Calling Spots Fanzine

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competition time again

Hi there! As a way of thanking you guys for your support, we like to give away some FREE stuff from time to time. Therefore we are very happy to announce that we are now running another epic Calling Spots competition. We have loads of mint stuff to give you with a brilliant ‘star prize’ bundle (seriously….you want to win this) and a few runners up prizes to make sure we give back as much as we can! Calling Spots artist AD has donated ALL of the original artwork that you, and thousands of people over the world, have seen in issues 1-4 of the fanzine. These are not prints, this is the original artwork! We also want to make sure that everyone can enter the competition AS MANY TIMES AS THEY WANT. There are various different ways to enter and there is no limit to how many entries you have.

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We’re back



Issue 4 of your favourite wrestling fanzine (and joint-9th-favourite magazine in general) Calling Spots is complete and being printed as we converse. We can wait for you to read it….we have a little tingly feeling in our bellies about this one…we think you will love it.


Convinced already? PayPal us JUST 2 British pounds to have one by clicking HERE.

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Issue 4: update

Hi guys and girls. Thank you so much for the support recently. We have had a lot of new readers, a LOT of positive feedback and have even sent copies of the fanzine to some beautiful countries in recent weeks, such as France and Australia.

I just wanted to take the time out to say THANK YOU all so much for your support.

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still not sure?

As everyone here at the Calling Spots HQ works hard on putting together issue 4 of our wrestling fanzine, we thought we would share with you some of the feedback our AMAZING readers (mates…you are ALL our mates) have sent us on Twitter:

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