FTW – It’s Like The Titanic But With Bears – 24/03/17

Despite being an indy wrestling fan for a relatively long time there are companies in my local area that I have never had a chance to see. Perhaps it is because of the abundance of companies that we have in the Northeast but there are three or four promotions whose shows I have never attended. That number is shrinking as I have set myself the goal of attending a show for every promotion at least once before the end of 2017. Continue reading “FTW – It’s Like The Titanic But With Bears – 24/03/17”

Klondyke Kate interview, Monday 21 November 2016

Far too many people far too easily bestow the title of legend on those they admire, not me, for me you have to earn it with blood, sweat and tears and I confidently say that Jayne Porter (aka Klondyke Kate) is a legend.

There was no path for her to follow in her career, no path for her to follow in her life, she did it her way, on her terms and I for one know the wrestling family is better for having her in it.

I was lucky enough for her to give me some of her time recently and to hear her story in her own words… Continue reading “Klondyke Kate interview, Monday 21 November 2016”

Futureshock Wrestling ‘Uproar 91’ – 13/11/16

One look at the card for Futureshock Wrestling’s monthly shows tells you that the company is offering a unique proposition. The usual flavour of family-friendly sports entertainment is delivered with some of the top talent on the scene, with enough to reel in kids and older, more discerning fans alike. It’s a fine balance to strike and one that not many bookers would manage to pull off, but from the opening contest, the variety on offer is made totally clear. Continue reading “Futureshock Wrestling ‘Uproar 91’ – 13/11/16”

Interview with Viper, 14th April 2016

Credit to Warrior Photography for the photo

When describing “Scotland’s Finest Export” it is tempting to throw around superlatives as like you would confetti at a wedding. Undoubtedly one of the most dominant forces in women’s wrestling, Viper has also shown that she is more than capable of mixing it up with the men as well. As tough and powerful as she is beautiful Viper has every attribute needed to get to the top of the wrestling world and it’s all wrapped up in a tartan clad, arse kicking package.

Fresh from her recent spell in Japan one of our contributors was able to catch up with “The Vixen of Violence” and discuss Japanese culture, Mick Foley and Joe Hendry’s balls amongst other things.

Continue reading “Interview with Viper, 14th April 2016”