Bully Ray interview

On the 30th May, your friends here at Calling Spots were invited to join other major wrestling publications in taking part in a conference call with possibly one of the top 3 heels in the business of the last 5 years, TNA World Heavyweight Champion and President of Aces & Eights, Bully Ray. Obviously we were very excited about this, and our newest contributor Chris Pilkington was the lucky man who actually took part on behalf of both us and CollarAndElbow.com.

We were so excited about this, we felt we had to share this with our wonderful fans, so, exclusively for you….we bring you the full transcript of what the Bully had to say.

Bully Ray UK interview

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News: exclusive chris daniels interview

I am delighted to announce that TNA Superstar Chris Daniels has joined us for a fun conversation about pro wrestling (obviously), comic books and kilts for the Calling Spots Pro Wrestling Fanzine. We know it is a little bit early to be singing about what future issues have in store a single week after issue 4 was released so why not order your copy of the latest issue today to enjoy your favourite alternative wrestling content straight out of left field. The only way you can read our exclusive interview is in the ‘zine so we will let you know once this is available.

Christopher Daniels Interview

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