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still not sure?

As everyone here at the Calling Spots HQ works hard on putting together issue 4 of our wrestling fanzine, we thought we would share with you some of the feedback our AMAZING readers (mates…you are ALL our mates) have sent us on Twitter:

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alternative wrestling awards 2012

By now we guess you are sick as a chip of reading everyone’s end-of-year awards? Best wrestler of the year, show of the year, etc, etc. So our year-end awards, in typical Calling Spots style, are a little bit different. So read on to find out who picks up the least important “awards” that they will ever win – albeit ones that thy have all worked incredibly hard to earn and are all deserving winners:

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Media World Tour

I made a throwaway remark on Twitter today about going on a “promotional world tour”. Which is obviously ridiculous, but it got me thinking: just how many corners of the world could I “visit” via the wonders of technology these days? Could I spread the message of our little project, while talking about random wrestling nonsense through podcasts, interviews, websites, shops, even random bathroom walls if there is scope for it?

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Calling Spots gets The Atomic Elbow

I am delighted to announce that the Calling Spots Pro Wrestling Fanzine is teaming up with the fantastic The Atomic Elbow Fanzine in one sweet Fanzine tag team (my word that was clichéd!!) as we try to branch out into each other territories.

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