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BWF – Charity Wrestling, Stobbswood Welfare & Recreation Club, 27/08/17

On the 27th of August 2017, BWF Brand makes its debut in the world of wrestling events.
A star studded lineup featuring the likes of WWE UK Superstar Joseph Conners, The Primate, Gabriel Kidd, Martin Kirby, HT Drake, Lucas Archer and Alex Gracie, all in aid of the amazing cause that is George’s Journey. Continue reading

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The Rock at the Royal Rumble

The Rock at the Royal Rumble: Long Term Booking in a Short Term World

The Rock at the Royal Rumble

Remember back in the eighties and early nineties when everybody was lining up to praise the then WWF for their long term booking strategy? It was the one thing we could point to and agree that WWF had over the likes of WCW, they had a story and they saw it through. And it was a good advantage to have until your main rival begins to kick your arse in the ratings by seemingly throwing faeces at a rotating wheel and seeing where it lands, and then urinating on it to see where they throw in the swerve.

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