NORTH Wrestling / NCL.10 / A New Error

It feels like only yesterday that Andrew Bowers and I sat down for a pint and discussed his upcoming first show ‘Brace Yourself’. At the time I remember loving his enthusiasm, being impressed by his plans (I loved the idea of a Championship cape) but being slightly concerned by the venue as at the time i had never been to an enjoyable show at The Riverside. Nearly two years after that first meeting and Andrew is ready to put on his tenth show and I have now attended nine very enjoyable shows at The Riverside. Continue reading “NORTH Wrestling / NCL.10 / A New Error”

NORTH Wrestling / NCL.9/ Let The Cannons Fly – Riverside Newcastle,10/03/18

Less than two months after running their biggest show NORTH Wrestling are returning to the Riverside next Saturday for NCL.9 / Let The Cannons Fly. This show is of course the follow up show from NCL.8 / I’m Tapped which is arguably the best show NORTH have held in their almost two year history, new performers debuted, old stars returned and of course there were some fantastic matches.

So without further ado let’s preview Let The Cannons Fly.
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NORTH Wrestling / NCL.5 / Head Over Heels – The Riverside, Newcastle – 01/07/17

It’s been a little while since the last NORTH show but the wrestling fans I have spoken to are eagerly anticipating the return of the Northeast’s best adult only promotion.

This Saturday sees NORTH return to the Riverside for their fifth show and once again their will be a mix of fresh talent making their debuts and a return of some of the best wrestling talent around. Continue reading “NORTH Wrestling / NCL.5 / Head Over Heels – The Riverside, Newcastle – 01/07/17”