NORTH Wrestling NCL 3: We’re In This Together.

On the 11th of February the guys and girls of NORTH brought us another star studded, storyline driven wrestling show for the mature audience. Featuring some of the best talents the NORTH has to offer (The Primate, The Sons of Ulaid, ‘The Class Apart’ Alexander Henry and HT Drake) as well as the amazing performers that are: Jimmy Havoc, Session Moth Martina, The London Riots, Jack Sexsmith, Dom Black, Amir Jordan, Clint Margera, Damian Dunne, April David’s as well as the return of WWE UK Championship tournament star Roy Johnson.
The show kicked off with a bang with our host Andrew announcing that Mark Haskins will in fact be at NORTH NCL 4! (A damn good reason to get a ticket if there ever was one!) Continue reading “NORTH Wrestling NCL 3: We’re In This Together.”

NORTH Wrestling NCL: They Will March On – The Riverside, 5th November 2016

One of my favourite things about being a wrestling fan is seeing a wrestler for the first time and then following their journey to (hopefully) the pinnacle of the wrestling world. Take Noam Dar for example, I had heard of him, watched him and spoken to him years before he was on the WWE radar and now he is signed to the world’s largest wrestling, sorry, sports entertainment company. Maybe I’m wrong but I think that’s cool (albeit if a bit pretentious). Continue reading “NORTH Wrestling NCL: They Will March On – The Riverside, 5th November 2016”