Batista in TNA

by Richard Penaluna

Dave Batista joins TNA. Is that really so impossible? Dave Batista arguably is the biggest “name” free agent on the market, and TNA love an ex-WWE guy, right? I know what you are thinking though – Dave is currently is training hard to enter into the MMA world….aged 43, an age that most fighters would consider to be the twilight of their career. But even if Dave is successful in the world of MMA, how many fights will he have a year? One? Two at the most? With TNA’s lighter-than-WWE schedule, is it not possible that Batista negotiates a ‘Sting contract’, only working select dates? And what about the fact that Batista has publically blamed the “brutal” PG WWE product for his reason for leaving the company? TNA have much less restriction, throwing around some casual swear words and still blading from time-to-time. The latter being something the Dave’s good friend, Ric Flair, took full advantage of in typical Flair style. Speaking of Flair, surely if the company isn’t below Slick Ric then it’s not below his pal Batista either? And here is my last bomb shell, what if Dave Batista is behind The Aces and Eights?

batista joing tna
WIll Batista join TNA?

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