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Limited Edition Art Prints

We are delighted to announce the release of series one of our super limited edition art prints celebrating the artwork of Calling Spots. We say “super limited edition” as there are only 100 of each of these hand-numbered art cards in the world and we will never reprint, so snap them up while you can.

wrestling postcards

You can get your hands on these in a few different ways and some we are even giving away for FREE. Here is how you can collect the first five….

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Calling Spots The Book

We are delighted to announce that we have released our first ever book. That’s right, we have made a proper, 270 page book; Calling Spots The Collection – Volume 1. Thanks to your support, our magazine has evolved so much over our almost-three year existence into what it is today.

alternative wrestling magazine

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Why Subscribe?

Have you got your subscription to our pro wrestling fanzine yet?

If you haven’t, read on to find out why you should get involved. If you have already, read on to see why you should be glad that you did.


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A few months ago we made a wrestling tee. 40 of them in fact…strictly limited edition. It was our mission to make a wrestling tee that you could wear to the boozer with your pals and still look like a boss. People told us we succeeded in that mission, which made us very happy.

To celebrate we bring your our SECOND tee. We hope you like it….. Continue reading

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