Survivor Series 2012: DVD and Blu-ray review

The Survivor Series is one of WWE’s “Big Four” Pay-Per-View events each year and is their second longest reigning PPV event of all time since its inception back in 1987. The event was born as a way of capitalising on the still-popular Hogan/Andre feud that headlined WrestleMania 3 when Hogan slammed Andre in front of the 193 billion fans in attendance. The show’s showcase piece is the ‘traditional survivor series matches’ that feature 5 good guys against 5 bad guys in an elimination style match. Our friends over at will be celebrating their biggest DVD and Blu-ray release of 2013-to-date on Monday March 11th, so we thought we would share with you lovely people the top 5 reasons that you should have this in your collection:

 wwe survivor series 2012 DVD review

The Streak is OVER
As we all know, it’s around this time of year that we are reminded that the “greatest streak in history” is still intact as The Undertaker gets ready to make somebody famous at WrestleMania. You will probably remember some bloke called Goldberg who had a pretty decent streak a while ago as well. Something that perhaps you didn’t know however, was that John Cena was secretly building his own streak at Survivor Series and was actually 7-0 going into this event. He and The Rock had defeated Awesome Truth the year prior, in 2009 Cena defeated Triple H and Shawn Michaels to retain his WWE title, in 2008 he defeated Chris Jericho to capture the World Heavyweight Championship, in 2006 Cena had his own Survivor Series team who defeated Team Big Show, in 2005 Cena defeated Kurt Angle and in 2004 Cena was on Team Guerrero who defeated Team Angle even though the year before he had been on Team Angle who defeated Team Lesnar. A pretty impressive winning streak. Not any more however as, thanks to interference from 3 individuals making their debut – The Shield – John Cena was pinned by CM Punk ending the streak.

The Shield of Justice
You may know Tyler Black and Dean Moxley for their work on the independent circuit. Many have been waiting for both to debut on the main WWE roster for a long time now and they would not have been disappointed. Now known as Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, the duo have joined forces with NXT’s Roman Reigns to create ‘The Shield’. The trio made a massive impact on their debut here at the Survivor Series PPV, interfering in the main event and putting Ryback through a table to ensure there was no ‘injustice’ in the WWE Championship match.

wwe survivor series 2012 DVD review

A lot can change in a year….or nothing at all
At this very Pay-Per-View in 2011, CM Punk regained his WWE Championship against Alberto Del Rio. Now, just under a year later, he enters the main event as the 8th longest reigning WWE champion of all time; a run that will go down in the history books as one of the greatest ever, especially when you consider the frequency of title changes in today’s age. Whether you like how he retained the title her or not, the fact remains that this was the historic victory that ensured Punk surpassed the year mark as WWE champion.

The namesake
The show is called Survivor Series so, as you would expect, there are a couple of traditional Survivor Series matches on offer here. The first is an unannounced match that sees Brodus Clay, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio taking on Tensai, Primo, Epico and The Prime Time Players. Brodus aside, the fan favourites have a lot of high octane, high risk and high excitement offence with the larger Tensai and Prime Time Players playing a great foil for them in this fantastic opening match.
The second traditional match we see features ‘Team Ziggler’ (Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, David Otunga, Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio) taking on ‘Team Foley’ (The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Team Hell No and Randy Orton with Mick Foley as manager). Watching this show live, this match had not had the best build due to the Survivor Series card being re-jigged at the last minute, and this took away from the spectacle of the match. Watching it back however, to use a couple of clichés, it is very much a ‘textbook’ or ‘vintage’ Survivor Series match and very enjoyable.

The Extras…at least the Blu-ray ones anyway
As is starting to become the norm with WWE Blu-ray releases, the extras on this set include all of the fallout from the PPV from both Raw and Smackdown the following week. This adds to the longevity of the DVD/Blu-ray as you can still understand the context of the storylines which started, continued and ended during the show by watching the extras. We are also treated to 4 full extra matches:

Ryback vs. Brad Maddox
Kane & The Miz vs. Team Rhodes Scholars
CM Punk vs. John Cena (Non-Title Match)
Randy Orton & The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio

So there you have it….5 FANTASTIC reasons to pick up your copy of WWE Survivor Series 2012 on DVD and Blu-ray from Monday. You can pre-order your copy at this link.

wwe survivor series 2012 DVD review

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