Royal Rumble 2013 DVD review and giveaway

Each year the ‘Road to WrestleMania’ begins with the most exciting night of the WWE’s calendar  -The Royal Rumble. It’s the one show of the year that even non-wrestling fans seem to be interested in due to the mayhem that is the 30-man Royal Rumble match. To celebrate releasing this year’s event on DVD & Bluray on Monday April 15th, we decided to have a quick look back at the event to whet your appetite and, if you read all the way through, you may find that there is a chance to win a free copy of Royal Rumble 2013 on DVD EXCLUSIVELY for Calling Spots readers from FremantleMedia….cheers guys!!

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World Heavyweight Championship Match

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Big Show in a Last Man Standing match

The show opens backstage with Bret Hart chatting to Del Rio. It all turns a bit weird when Bret calls Alberto a “Mexican Bret Hart”…I’m not sure what this means but he then gives his shades to Del Rio’s personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez which was a nice little throw back. With Del Rio having won the title from Big Show just several weeks earlier on free TV during an episode of Smackdown, it was difficult to get into the match the first time around but both men put on a solid little match. The finish is a little too close to that of Cena and Batista’s last man standing match from Extreme Rules 2010 for me. It is not uncommon for history to repeat itself in pro wrestling and even big spot finishes have been rehashed, such as Big Show and Brock Lesnar’s breaking ring finish back in 2003 only for Show to do the same with Mark Henry in 2011. With less than 3 years between them, this felt too recent for me but overall this is the only sour point on an otherwise decent opening bout.


WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Team Hell No (c) vs Team Rhodes Scholars

Kane and Daniel Bryan’s run as a tag team has been an undoubted highlight of WWE programming in 2012, with their anger management segments being entertaining and they have had a great run with the tag team titles. Aside from their random 5-minute-split, Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes have added a lot of value to WWE’s tag division over the least year also, providing some quality in-ring-action coupled with their own style of wit, making this a mouth-watering prospect for fans of tag wrestling.


The 30 Man Royal Rumble Match

Having won a “beat the clock challenge” on Raw, ‘The Showoff’ Dolph Ziggler chose the number 1 entry spot in the rumble in a bid to outlast 29 other superstars and headline WrestleMania 29. The Rumble match is always one of the most exciting of the year and has become renowned for its surprise entrants. The Godfather returning was good, Goldust’s appearance and tussle with his brother Cody Rhodes was great, but the most shocking of the night had to be the return of Chris Jericho. The crowd went nuts in what was a legitimate surprise return. He does love “working the internet” that Jericho lad! With all of WWE’s big players in the Rumble match it was always going to be fun to watch.


WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (c) vs The Rock

In a match that was teased for over 6 months, after CM Punk attached The Rock at the end of the 1000th episode of Raw, The Rock was a very serious challenger to Punk’s historic 434 day run as WWE Champion. The Shield were banned from the match, meaning that Punk would need to overcome The Rock on his own. The outing was a very good effort with some fantastic storytelling. The main story that this match told was that the Spanish announce table HATES The Rock and finally got it’s revenge. Rocky pulled the top bit off the table early…I guess either a little too early as Punk put it back and did a little bow thing to the announcers. Either that or he just didn’t fancy going through it and was displaying tactical genius.  Either way it proved futile, as later in the match Rocky pulled the top bit off again and went for a Rock Bottom through the table. However much to The Rock’s chagrin the table had him sussed and broke on both men before the move could be executed. It would be the great one who had the last laugh however, nailing the move on Punk outside the ring anyway. Ouch. Punk had a fair amount of offense in the match and there were some spots that demonstrated the psychology of the men involved, such as Punk working the mid section in a nod to the previous Raw when The Shield has caused internal bleeding to The Rock after a beat-down. We got one of Rock’s SICK sharpshooters but that was quickly forgotten when Punk hit one of his amazing roundhouse flash kicks to the noggin of The People’s Champ. A good little match and one that fans have been wanting to see for years.


Overall the rumble was a very solid show that seemed to benefit from only having 4 matches which were presented as being important. The Rumble match especially was very good. You can pick up your copy on DVD and Bluray from Monday 15th April HERE:



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WWE kicks off The Road to WrestleMania and in 2013…Finally!…The Rock has come back to the Royal Rumble! Will the People’s Champ finally bring the WWE Championship home to Team Bring It for the first time in over ten years? Plus, 30 or more Superstars compete in WWE’s historic over-the-top rope main event where one resilient Superstar earns a chance to main event WrestleMania! Sheamus emerged from the pack in 2012 and went on to claim the World Heavyweight Championship on the grandest stage. Who will add their name to the illustrious list of Royal Rumble winners this year, and will they have a date to go one-on-one with the great one, The Rock, at WrestleMania 29? This is truly a monumental edition of one of the WWE’s most long-standing events, and a must-have for all WWE fans.


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