NORTH Wrestling NCL 3: We’re In This Together.

On the 11th of February the guys and girls of NORTH brought us another star studded, storyline driven wrestling show for the mature audience. Featuring some of the best talents the NORTH has to offer (The Primate, The Sons of Ulaid, ‘The Class Apart’ Alexander Henry and HT Drake) as well as the amazing performers that are: Jimmy Havoc, Session Moth Martina, The London Riots, Jack Sexsmith, Dom Black, Amir Jordan, Clint Margera, Damian Dunne, April David’s as well as the return of WWE UK Championship tournament star Roy Johnson.
The show kicked off with a bang with our host Andrew announcing that Mark Haskins will in fact be at NORTH NCL 4! (A damn good reason to get a ticket if there ever was one!)

#WhereIsLiam? Liam Slater mysteriously didn’t appear at NCL 3, we at Calling Spots sincerely hope that whatever the Sons of Ulaid have done to him that he is okay…. Instead we began with a David V Goliath matchup between Dom and Bas. As the bout appears to be becoming more and more one sided in the favour of Bas, none other than fan favourite Martin Kirby makes his return to NORTH, Charging the ring and taking it straight to the big man. The match was a great way to start the show and get the crowd going, eventually ending with the sudden appearance of Rory Coyle (who was meant to banned) leading Martin backstage and distracting Dom, leading to a Ulaid victory.

It’s not too often that you get to hear a warm reception that is as genuine as the one that Amir Jordan received on his NCL debut. NGW regular “Screwface” was the other debutant in this match, quickly overpowering Jordan and showing off his power based move set much to the dismay of any Amir fans in the Geordie crowd. The contrast of styles worked well and it will be interesting to see where both men fit into the NORTH roster on future NCL shows. “Screwface” picked up the pinfall victory via the ScrewDriver (Variation of the Cross Rhodes.) Amir was then subjected to a post match beat down by his larger foe.

Jimmy Havoc is one of the best storytellers in professional wrestling. He personifies heelish antics and brutality. HT Drake is somewhat becoming the poster boy of NORTH, a hero of sorts to us Geordie folk! A great match (Definite contender for match of the night) that through the invasion of the London Riots help set up the main event for the evening. Drake had back-up in the form of the New Nation (Alexander Henry and The Primate. After shenanigans with the riots at ringside Jimmy hit the Acid Rainmaker for the pinfall victory on the hometown hero. His first loss in NORTH.

The shirt lifters implode. Doesn’t really have a ring to it does it? This was that highlight of the night when it comes to comedy. Whether it be via ‘Session Moth’ Martina lusting after Sexsmith or Danny O’Doherty drinking his “7.5 Percent frosty jacks” there was something here to keep every fan in attendance laughing. It was a fun match that really got the crowd going after the more serious first half of the show. There has been a “Session Moth” explosion as of late and it’s performances like this that are making sure she gets booked all over the United Kingdom. This was only my second time seeing both April and Roy in person and both are clearly very talented, this may be one of the last few times we get to see Roy as he is fresh from competing in the WWE UK Championship Tournament. Martina and Sexsmith picked up the win and post-match team O’Doherty abandoned him, left alone with the “power couple” O’Doherty was then subject to a rendition of the classic “Only Fools and Horses” theme tune.

This hardcore match may not have been all that contrasting to the previous match, the reason being so is that we were fortunate enough to see some savage bumps onto pieces of lego. Although very comedic I can bet that both of these guys felt those small bricks in their backs just as bad as any other object used in this match. One fan was “kind” enough to bring his own weapons for these two men to beat each other senseless. This is one match that I can’t wait to re-watch on the YouTube channel, just to see how brutal some of the spots came across to fans not in attendance. Clint Margera picked up the victory in a solid match in which the weapons were the focal point but at no point became stale.

Geordie strong style truly ruled at NCL 3. After both teams appearances earlier in the night, they both emerged to face off in a thrilling contest filled with hard hitting, fast paced action that even featured New Nation star ‘The Class Apart’ Alexander Henry leaping off the balcony overhead onto both members of the London Riots. The Riots are a team that I have been wanting to see ever since I began the long journey throughout the Progress back catalogue and I believe that The Nation were the perfect counter that we could have produced in a true NORTH Vs South matchup. The New Nation gained the momentum in beating the “First Team of PROGRESS.” This will surely aid them in their upcoming matches at NORTH NCL 4.

If you would like to watch the whole show for FREE it is available online here

Written by Lewis Kelly

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