MEW Northern Bash Review

I have been fortunate enough within the past few months to be welcomed into the world of MEW. A promotion that has been around for years, bringing to you some of the very best that both the North East and the UK have to offer. This past week they hosted their biggest show of the year, Northern Bash!

Several members of the Calling Spots were in attendance for this SOLD OUT event! Another stacked card that MEW brought to the Innsfree in Longbenton. You will soon be able to find this marquee show over on MEW’s YouTube channel.

The following was the card for this blockbuster event:

Dave Carbon and Joseph Biggs vs The sons of Ulaid

Due to terrible circumstances (Alex Kavero of the Tyne Wear Wolves has suffered a career altering injury, on both a personal and professional level I would like to wish Kavero all the best in his recovery, he is one of the people in the wrestling industry that I have formed a great friendship with over the past months) the originally scheduled match of Ulaid VS The tag team champions had been drastically changed.

Carbon has found himself a great young partner in this crucial attempt at defending the titles, in Joseph Biggs. Unfortunately for Carbon, this new found pairing wasn’t quite enough to fend off the challenging “Sick Boys.” The Sons of Ulaid showed great tag team synergy as they brought the gold home to Lake Ulaid. With the tag team scene in MEW filled to the brim with top level teams, we can only imagine the opponents that lay in the pipeline for the creepy champs.

Credit to Thiru Malavan for all the photographs used

The Prince Ameen open challenge

Prince Ameen is a rich man. Rich men tend to get what they want in life. What is it Ameen wants? Challengers!

Prince Ameen issued an open challenge to the Main Event Wrestling locker room and he got one in Leighton Reece. Leighton was accompanied to the ring by one half of England’s Hardest men, Shreddybrek as he attempted to pick up a win over the veteran. Throughout the contest their were several confrontations between Ameen and Shreddy that served to help Leighton get the upper hand. Ameen ended victorious in the debut of his open challenge, but proceeded to get flattened when Shreddy entered the ring after the contest. Shreddy is definitely a man to watch out for in MEW.

Joe Rage VS Assassin VS Amir Jordan VS Adam Maxted

There are many big personalities in professional wrestling. This one match managed to fit in a competitor from each end of the compass in terms of personality. Pose downs, dancing and “Muscle-offs” were all included in this multi man bout. Something made incredibly clear throughout both his entrance and the match itself, is truly how much the MEW faithful love Amir Jordan. In fact, the crowd loved Joe Rage and Assassin too! The odd one out? Adam Maxted. The love island star’s braggadocios attitude has quickly soured the fans on him. When he took the victory he gained a whole lot of momentum at the expense of the three fan favorites. A solid match filled with a great mix of talent.

Bae Club vs Gemini and Little Miss Roxxy

Although bothSammii Jayne and Debbie Sharp have wrestled at MEW before this was the first time the pair had wrestled as the Bae Club. At the same time this was the first time that Roxxy and Gemini had wrestled together as team and although the pair were able to put aside their rivalry they were unable to overcome the experience (and underhand tactics) of their opponents as the Bae Club picked up the win.

Liam Slater VS HT Drake

Two of the very, very best in the UK today. Two top tier competitors go one on one, in a 2 out of 3 falls match for HT Drake’s CallingSpots championship. Since becoming our champion, Drake has faced talents from all levels of the experience spectrum, arguably non with as many years under his belt as the still young Slater. Both men are an absolute joy to watch between the ropes, and seeing them face of against each other is sort of a dream match on the North East scene. The two out of 3 falls stipulation only aided the dream match expectations as we knew we were in for a quality longer match. The pair certainly delivered. Arguably the best match on an already stacked card, Slater and Drake showcased skills that most wrestlers can only dream of one day possessing. However when it was all said and done, HT Drake is still YOUR CallingSpots champion.

El Ligero vs Mihai

The 3rd of 4 big titles matches on the card, Mihai walked into the Innsfree champion against one of the hardest working men in professional wrestling: El Ligero. Ligero has more shows in a week than you will have shoes in a lifetime (unless for some reason you are buying multiple pairs of shoes a day, in that case, stop.) Mihai although the champion, was coming in as the underdog. There was a key factor that played a part in this matchup that helped swing the odds in favour of Mihai however. This being the addition of Jose at ring side. Ligero often found himself distracted by Mihai’s babbling manager, Jose. It is a well known fact that Mihai hates Jose, although Jose can be credited for many of Miahi’s wins as of late. Again, Mihai stole the win to the shock of many, Mihai is clearly very talented and is in the process of building quite the name for himself, the tactics he employs however, are less than desirable. Another great matchup that added to the atmosphere of everyone wanting to see Mihai get his comeuppance.

Chris Renfrew VS Jason “The Primate” Prime

This is the match when things got truly mental. Two of the hardest hitting men on the British scene kicking each-other around the Innisfree in an all out war. The reigning champion going into this bout was NAK member Chris Renfrew, Primate earned his number 1 contendership by outlasting everybody in the “Toon Tussle” to set these two on a collision course. The match went from zero to 100 real fast as baking trays were brought into the mix, that mix being over both competitors head with quite the force! The pair brawled in the crowd for several moments whilst using everything in their respective arsenals to guarantee victory. The Primate managed to take the championship in the end after folding Chris up with a brutal spear. Something about Prime and the MEW championship just looks right. It was truly a sight to behold when the audience erupted in gratitude for their new champion.

After the event, MEW announced that at “Clash of the Radgies” Primate will team up with Liam Slater to take on the reuniting NAK (Renfrew and BT Gunn.)

Clash of the Radgies is shaping up to be another massive event headlined by some of the best wrestlers in the UK. Make sure to get yourself along before it sells out (Every MEW event sells out!)

By Lewis Kelly

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