Zack Sabre Jr

Picture Courtesy of Portrait of a Wrestler
Picture courtesy of Portrait of a Wrestler

Name: Zack Sabre Jr.

Nickname(s): ‘The British Master’

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 180lbs

Age*: 30

From: Isle of Sheppey, Kent, England.

Started training: 2004

Trained by:
Andre Baker
Matt Ball
Jon Ryan
Chris Hero
Naomichi Marufuji
Yoshinari Ogawa

Companies worked for:
AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined
Absolute Intense Wrestling
Adriatic Special Combat Academy
All Japan Pro Wrestling
All Star Wrestling
Alternative Wrestling World
AMP Wrestling
Asociación Española de Wrestling
ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
Be. Catch Company
Best of British Wrestling
Beyond Wrestling
Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
British Allstar Wrestling Alliance
British Championship Wrestling
Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland
Celtic Wrestling
Combat Zone Wrestling
Complete Revolutionary Wrestling
DEFIANT Wrestling
Diamond Ring
Dragon Gate
Dragon Gate UK
EVOLVE Wrestling
Fight Club: Pro
Five Star Wrestling
Force One Pro Wrestling
Four Front Wrestling
Frontier Wrestling Alliance
Fu-Ten Promotion
Future Championship Wrestling
Future Pro Wrestling
German Stampede Wrestling
Grand Pro Wrestling
Great Bear Promotions
Heartland Wrestling Association
Independent Wrestling Federation
Insane Championship Wrestling
Insanity Pro Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling:UK
Kamikaze Pro
LDN Wrestling
Limitless Wrestling
Michinoku Pro Wrestling
National Wrestling Alliance
National Wrestling Alliance UK Hammerlock
National Wrestling Alliance Wales
New Japan Pro Wrestling
New Scene Wrestling
Next Gen TN
One Pro Wrestling
Phoenix Pro Wrestling
Premier British Wrestling
Premier Promotions
Premier Wrestling Xperience
Preston City Wrestling
PROGRESS Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Chaos
Pro Wrestling Guerilla
Pro Wrestling NOAH
Pro Wrestling Showdown
Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Ireland
Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Spain
Real Quality Wrestling
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Ring Of Honor
Riptide Wrestling
SAS Wrestling
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
SMASH Wrestling
Solent Wrestling Federation
South East Wrestling
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
TETSUJIN Hybrid Wrestling
Three Count Wrestling
Triple X Wrestling
United European Wrestling Alliance
X-Sports: Wrestling
Westside Xtreme Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
World Series Wrestling
World Wrestling Network

DEFIANT Wrestling/WCPW Internet Championship
EVOLVE Wrestling Championship
IPW:UK All-England Championship
IPW:UK Unified British Tag Team Championship
IPW:UK UK Super 8 Tournament Winner – 2014
NWA United Kingdom Junior Heavyweight Championship.
Pro Wrestling Noah GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
PWG World Championship
PWG Battle of Los Angeles Winner – 2015
RevPro British Heavyweight Championship
Triple X Wrestling Heavyweight Championship
wXw World Heavyweight Championship
wXw World Lightweight Championship
wXw World Tag Team Championship

2014 – IPW:UK UK Super 8 winner

2014 – #310 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

2015 – PWG Battle of Los Angeles winner

2015 – #165 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

2015 – wXw World Tag Team Tournament winner

2016 – wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament winner

2016 – #27 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

2017 – #26 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

2018 – NJPW New Japan Cup winner

2018 – PROGRESS Wrestling SSS16 winner

Signature moves:
European Clutch
(Double wrist-clutch flip into a bridging cradle pin)
Jim Breaks Armbar / Ode To Breaks
(Reverse bridging Fujiwara armbar)
New School Armbreaker
(Cross armbreaker)
Penalty Kick
(Soccer kick to the chest of a seated opponent)
Sabre Driver
(Sitout scoop slam piledriver)
Young Boy Killer
(Modified double underhook guillotine choke)

Simply put. Many believe Zack Sabre Jr is the reason the WWE Cruiserweight Classic is happening right now. He is an undeniable talent. He is considered one of, if not the most technically gifted wrestler on the face of the earth and can bend and manipulate his opponents unlike anybody else. He can seemingly put you in any hold he pleases, from anywhere he pleases. Being a master of the ground-game, he is also somewhat of an escapologist. But when he’s not tying them up in knots, he’s perfectly happy penalty-kicking his opponents’ heads clean off their shoulders. Sabre’s 2008 match with ‘The American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson (as he was at the time) at Triple X Wrestling was widely regarded as a Match of the Year candidate and he was voted Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Best Technical Wrestler in both 2014 and 2015.

Hotly tipped to win the whole tournament, ZSJ has long been a mainstay across the European and Japanese independent world, before relatively recently taking America by storm in his PWG Battle of Los Angeles performances, later scooping the PWG Title from Roderick Strong.

ZSJ wrestled on the first ever PROGRESS wrestling show in another critically acclaimed match against his former tag-team partner – and current* PROGRESS World Champion – Marty Scurll. He also featured in the first ever PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 Tournament.

Sabre is good friends with NXT Trainer Robbie Brookside and NXT superstar Finn Balor, who has publicly said that he considers ZSJ as one of the top three wrestlers in the world, along with Kevin Owens and Shinsuke Nakamura.

For those that have never seen a Zack Sabre Jr match and are curious what to expect in the WWE GCS, expect a brash, red-white-and-blue clad wrestler’s wrestler chewing gum with an air of supreme confidence. A mixture of Daniel Bryan and William Regal, with the attitude of Shawn Michaels. He’s good, and he knows he’s good.

Social Media:
Twitter – zacksabrejr

*as of August 2017

Written by Matt Hardy