Wild Boar

Picture Courtesy of Portrait of a Wrestler
Picture courtesy of Portrait of a Wrestler

Name: Wild Boar

Nickname(s): Mike Hitchman, Boar of War

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 180lbs

Age*: 26

From: Blaina, Wales

Started training: 2005

Trained by:
NWA UK Academy
Mike Bird
Jason Cross

Companies worked for:
4 Front Wrestling
Absolute Wrestling
All Star Wrestling
Alternative Wrestling World
AMP Wrestling
ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
British Championship Wrestling
Celtic Wrestling
Climax Wrestling
Combat Sports Federation
Dragon Gate UK
Dragon Pro Wrestling
Entertainment Wrestling Alliance
Fight Club: PRO
Fight Nation Wrestling
Frontline Wrestling
Frontier Wrestling Alliance
Future Pro Wrestling
Good Wrestling
Grand Slam Wrestling
House of Pain: Evolution
HXC Wrestling
Infinite Promotions
Insane Championship Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling: UK
Kamikaze Pro
Kombat Pro Wrestling
Legacy Wrestling
Lucha Forever
New Generation Wrestling
New Scene Wrestling
Norwegian Wrestling Federation
Over The Top Wrestling
Phoenix Pro Wrestling
Premier Promotions
Pro Evolution Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 4 U
Pro Wrestling Chaos
Pro Wrestling Kingdom
Pro Wrestling Pride
Pro Wrestling ZERO1
Pro-Wrestling Euskadi
PROGRESS Wrestling
Reloaded Championship Wrestling Alliance
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Riot House Promotion
RIOT Wrestling
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Scottish Wrestling Alliance: Source
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Tidal Championship Wrestling
Triple X Wrestling
United European Wrestling Alliance
Vertigo Pro Wrestling
VII Pro Wrestling
VII Underground
Welsh Wrestling
Wrestle Midlands
X Wrestling Alliance

Titles held:
ATTACK! 24:7 Championship
ATTACK! Championship
Dragon Pro All Wales Championship
ICW Tag Team Championships
King of Chaos Championship
KPW Tag Team Championship
Pro Wrestling: ZERO1 Junior Heavyweight Championship

Signature moves:
The Trapper Keeper Bomb
(Elevated Package Piledriver Bomb)

One of the scariest looking men I have ever met but also one of the softest spoken. Despite only being a modest 5’5” Hitchman appears taller in person than you would expect having seen him on NGW weekly. When writing this I realised how hard a man he is to describe. Imagine a slightly smaller but more athletically gifted Rhyno and you are someway towards imagining the kind of wrestler Hitchman is. He is equally capable of wrestling an in-your-face brawling style as he is comfortable throwing himself around with the confidence of a traditional cruiserweight. The Wild Boar is a man that almost defies categorization. Probably the only thing I can say to adequately describe is that he’s good. Damn good.

Hitchman is one of many supremely talented performers to come out of Wales in recent years (Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan are two others that instantly come to mind) and has already proven himself good enough to make wrestling his full time job as well as popular enough to be booked around Europe with Spain and Denmark among the countries he has worked in. In the next few years Hitchman intends to continue to hone his craft and travel the work with Mexico and America being destinations he hope to work. Given his talent and abilities I have every faith that what The Wild Boar wants The Wild Boar will get and we at Calling Spots would like to wish Hitchman all the best in the future.

Social Media:
Facebook – The WILD BOAR (WILDBOARprowrestler)
Instagram – hitchboar
Twitter – WILDBOARhitch

Dream opponent:
Fit Finlay came to mind straight away and Hitchman answered the question almost before it left my mouth. He then said William Regal was a close second.

Random fact(s):
Before being named ‘The Wild Boar’, Hitchman was almost given the moniker ‘Chucky the Clown’ by a Welsh promoter Alan Ravenhill.

*as of April 2016

Written by Neil Rogers