Violet Vendetta

Credit to Michael Szabo for the photograph

Name: Violet Vendetta

Nickname(s)/Aliases: Pro Wrestling’s Pin Up, Ms Vendetta, Violet V, V.V

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 140lbs

Age*: Timeless

From: Stoke-on-Trent, England

Started training: 2011

Trained by:
Chris ‘The Crippler’ Curtis
Dave Rayne

Companies worked for:
All-Star Fantasy Wrestling
Alpha Omega Wrestling
Alternative Wrestling World
Britannia Wrestling Promotions
British Wrestling Alliance
Coventry Pro Wrestling
Empress Pro Wrestling
Exposure Wrestling Entertainment
Fierce Females
FutureShock Wrestling
Great Bear Promotions
House Of Pain
House Of Pain:Evolution
HXC Wrestling
Infinite Promotions
Insane Championship Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling: UK
Irish Whip Wrestling
Kamikaze Pro
Leicester Championship Wrestling Roses
Pro Evolution Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 4 U
Pro-Wrestling Foxes
Tidal Championship Wrestling
UK Main Event Wrestling
UK Wrestling
United European Wrestling Alliance
VII Pro Wrestling
VII Underground
Wrestle Midlands

Titles held:
CPW Undisputed Women’s Championship
CPW Vixen’s Championship

Signature moves:
Betty Boot

Part of being successful in professional wrestling is having a unique look or “gimmick”. Our former editor, Richard, once told me that he believed the best wrestlers are the one that a child could draw and any adult would be able to identify. I don’t know if this was originally his idea of if he had heard it elsewhere but when I first heard his theory I instantly thought that for once our mountainous editor was onto something. If I see a picture of a blonde fu-manchu I think Hulk Hogan, if I see someone with one eye brow raised I think The Rock and if I see someone dressed up in vintage ’50s garb I think Betty Boop. Then once someone tells me it’s a real person (or a wrestler) I know without a shadow of a doubt it can only be Pro Wrestling’s Pin-Up, Violent Vendetta.

Strikingly beautiful and always the proverbial belle of the ball, Vendetta has one of the most unique looking individuals not just on the British wrestling scene but anywhere in the world of wrestling. Whatever colour she has decided her hair will be that day and whichever era’s garb she has decided to dress in it is likely that she will have heads turning where she goes. Although primarily know for her her vintage look, Vendetta has also been known to dabble in cosplay and put Margot Robbie to shame with her recent depiction of Harley Quinn. What is perhaps the most impressive thing about Vendetta’s unique outfits is that she makes most of her herself. She also makes all of her own wrestling gear which is remarkable given how incredibly intricate some of her outfits are.

I just realised that I am three paragraphs into Vendetta’s biography and I am yet to mention how fricking awesome she is as a wrestler. Yes she is beautiful, yes she has her own unique style but don’t for one second thing that Ms Vendetta is just a pretty face, she is more than capable of kicking the ass of anyone who steps in the ring with her, male or female. Originally a valet when she first got into wrestling, V.V has spent the last few years having numerous mixed tag matches (with various lucky partners) as well as several feuds with some of the best women in the UK. Although some of her matches with Toni Storm and Nixon Newell deserve a special mention I believe some of her best work has been with Lana Austin who she has shared a ring with several times. Away from the squared circle the two are friends and during my conversation with Vendetta we discussed the duos battles against each other. Despite their friendship ‘Pro Wrestling’s Pin Up’ shared with me how much she enjoys kicking Austin’s
“tiny fat ass” (which I had to share as soon as I got off the phone).

Whether working as a face or a heel (Vendetta prefers playing a baddie) there are few better performers around, despite this she continues to work hard at improving herself and regularly attends not just her own trainer’s sessions but also seminars held by legends the likes of Johnny Saint and Doug Williams. Not only has this seen V.V improve her in ring technique but she also appears to have started to master ring psychology, which is something that not many people with her level of experience have done. If you have watched a Violet Vendetta match (and if you haven’t I recommend you check some out) you will probably have noticed that when she plays a heel she is constantly taunting the crowd and cutting off her opponents comebacks. Her offense isn’t necessarilly flashy (although she does possess a varied repetoire) but there is little wasted motion and she makes you want to see her opponent get the better if her. There are many a performer that overlooks this part of wrestling despite, in my opinion, it being one of the most vital parts required to build any good match.

After my conversation with Vendetta it seemed clear to me that she is a lady who likes to push herself, not just in wrestling, in all walks of life. Along with her work as a wrestler she also works as a dancer in various nightclubs (obviously I had to check out her photos of these for “research” purposes) and she recently became a fully qualified personal trainer. This is on top of her modelling, costume creating and the small matter of raising her child. I’m not sure if Vendetta has discovered a way of adding extra hours to her day but she certainly is able to accomplish more with her time than I am with mine.

I could spout superlatives and hyperbole until the cows come home about Violet Vendetta but I’m sure you have better things to do than read about my fanboy-ness (I don’t care if that is a real world) so I will finish off by saying that Vendetta is not just a fantastic wrestler but also a fantastic person. She is highly educated but doesn’t come across as condescending. She is friendly and engaging without seeming in anyway fake. Obviously I am a massive fan of the ‘Pro Wrestling Pin Up’ and would like to wish her the bet of luck with whatever she decides to do whether it is wrestling, dancing, modelling, personal training or something art related. On behalf of myself and the entire Calling Spots team I urge you to check out Violett Vendetta if you see her on a show near you.

Social Media:
Facebook – Violet Vendetta
Instagram – anna_pat
Twitter – VioletVendetta

Dream opponent:
Vendetta struggled to choose one opponent so instead gave me a variety if answers.

She would love to wrestle Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley because she was one of her favourite charaxters when she became a fan of wrestling.

She rates Sasha Banks as one of the best in the world and would love the opportunity to wrestle her and show off her skills.

Klondyke Kate is one of the most famous wrestlers go come out if Vendetta’s hometown of Stoke and is also one of the best female heels to ever fasten up a pair of boots. For those reasons and more Vendetta would have loved the the chance to share a ring with her.

Vendetta would love to wrestle Taylor Swift because why not…

Random fact(s):
Vendetta has a (BA) honours degree in Fine Art.

Vendetta has a nut allergy. This isn’t an attempt at being rude she is allergic to nuts.

V.V is a huge fan of Kevin Hart and the mention of “pineapples” can reduce her to hysterics.

Vendetta is a fully qualified level 3 Personal Trainer so if you are in the Stoke area and want to be trained by ‘Pro Wrestling’s Pin Up’ you should contact her via her Facebook page.

Vendetta is a huge fan of Assassin’s Creed, which is something she has discussed with fellow fan ‘The Ariel Assassin’ Will Ospreay

Vendetta has a phobia of unvarnished wood. I asked her about this she started telling a story about being served a meal on a wooden board rather than a plate but had to stop as the thought of touching the wood made her feel ill.

How many tattoos do you think Vendetta has? 30? 35? 40? People are often surprised to hear that she only has 14 tattoos in total, they’re just really big tattoos!

*as of September 2016

Written by Neil Rogers