The Firebird

Credit to Chris Egon Searle for the photograph

Name: The Firebird

Nickname(s): The Brightest Flame in British Wrestling

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 195lbs

Age*: 23

From: Lancashire, England

Started training: February 2014

Trained by: Georgie Leggett

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
BWF Brand
Full Tilt Wrestling
Maximum Pro Wrestling
Northumbria University Wrestling Society
RAD:PRO Wrestling
Upbrawl Championship Wrestling
World Wide Wrestling League

Titles held:
RAD:PRO Lair of Lucha Flame of the Future Championship

Signature moves:
Ignition Kick
(Yakuza Kick)
(Package Piledriver)

When I first met The Firebird it was at a meet and greet with for a former WWE Superstar (X-Pac I think) and despite not being in his ring gear or in character he introduced himself by telling me his real name and then his ring name (this isn’t as odd as it sounds). Given that I hadn’t seen him wrestle at the time I asked a couple of my friends who had attended shows where The Firebird had performed and they all recommended him and sang his praises. Obviously with so many ringing endorsements I had to check him out when he was next at a show near me.

I attended a RAD:PRO Embryonix show and saw Firebird (I’m sorry but putting “The” each time is too much for me) and straight away was impressed. Despite being less than a year into his wrestling career at the time he seemed more than capable of matching his more experienced opponent in terms of actual wrestling but was already outshining them in terms of portraying a character and profile. Without a shadow of a doubt this character is Firebird’s biggest strength. He seems fully committed to his persona at all times and he is able to make you believe he is as much of an arsehole as be claims to be (*SPOILERS* he is actually quite lovely in person). I you spend anytime on Firebird’s social media profile you will quickly see what I mean in terms of character.

Despite his character being his strength, Firebird is no slouch when it comes to his wrestling ability. Not only has he spent countless hours attending his training school he has also attended several training seminars, often at his own expense, to help him improve himself. These include (but are not limited to) seminars held by
Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat
‘Bad Ass’ Billy Gunn
Scott Hall
El Ligero
Johnny Moss
Zack Gibson
Johnny Storm
Mikey Whiplash
AJ Anderson

Originally inspired to get into professional wrestling because of his love of WWE, The Firebird told me he now watches a lot more British wrestling and Japanese wrestling but he remains a WWE fan and keeps up-to-date with the goings on in WWE. In particular he is a fan of Noam Dar who he had hoped to wrestle before he was signed to the world’s largest wrestling company. During my many conversations with Firebird I have always found him incredibly knowledgeable about anything wrestling and he knows far more than me about most things wrestling related.

Given his growing profile on the Northeast scene it was an easy decision to have The Firebird be the first person to challenge HT Drake for the Calling Spots Championship and he showed in the match broadcast live on our Twitter page [ that he did not look out of place with our champion, who also happens to be one of the most underrated talents in the country. As you can see from the match he was able to take the upperhand for large parts of the match, albeit due to underhanded tactics, and had a few things gone differently he could be the new Calling Spots champion.

As always I’d like to thank The Firebird for taking the time to speak to me and on behalf of the entire Calling Spots team I would like to wish him well in the future.

Social Media:
Facebook – The Firebird (@TheFirebirdRises
Instagram – the_firebrd
Twitter – FirebirdRises

Dream opponent:
Firebird’s favourite wrestler when he became a fan of wrestling was Edge and if he was able to wrestle anyone from wrestling’s history he would choose the ‘Rated R Superstar’. This is closely followed by Kazuchika Okada who Firebird has become a massive fan of since he began following Japanese wrestling.

Random fact(s):
The Firebird is addicted to Dr Pepper. He bought his first bottle with his first pay packet from his first job and he has been addicted to it ever since. I asked if he had tried Cherry Dr Pepper (which is much nicer) but he hadn’t.

The Firebird’s first match was against BT Gunn. When I asked him what this was like he told me “I basically got in there and got beat up… But I enjoyed it.”

*as of May 2017

Written by Neil Rogers