Shady Nattrass

Credit to Oli Sandler of Ringside Perspective for the photograph

Name: Shady Nattrass

Nickname(s): The Franchise Player

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 14 stone (196lbs)

Age*: 33

From: Carlisle, England

Started training: 1999

Trained by:
Dean Allmark

Companies worked for:
All Star Wrestling
Allied Independent Wrestling Federation – GB
British Championship Wrestling
Discovery Wrestling
Frontier Wrestling Alliance – Academy
FutureShock Wrestling
Great Britain Hardcore Wrestling
Premier British Wrestling
Preston City Wrestling
RAD:PRO Wrestling
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Target Wrestling
Three Count Wrestling
Triple Team Promotions
World Association of Wrestling
WrestleZone Wrestling

Titles held:
AIWF-GB Tag Team Championship
Target Wrestling Heavyweight Championship
Target Wrestling High Octane Championship
Target Wrestling Tag Team Championship
TTP Heavyweight Championship
WZW Cruiser Division Championship
WZW Inter-Promotional Championship

2012 – TTP Championship Tournament winner

Signature moves:
Northern Lights Bomb
Diamond Cutter
Roll the Dice
(Cross Rhodes)

Part of the reason I wanted to create these profiles is so wrestling fans can not only read about their favourites but also read about people they may not have known about. With this in mind I genuinely hope this profile becomes our most viewed (sorry Sean McLaughlin who currently holds that record). In my opinion Shady Nattrass is one of British wrestling’s best performers and it is a crying shame that he is not better known and held in the esteem that his talents deserve.

To me being a successful professional wrestler comes down to being able to fill a couple of key criteria and for me Nattrass ticks every box.
Can he wrestle?
Without a doubt! Look at the incredible list of names he has performed against or watch some of his matches online (this one against Petey Williams deserves a watch, as does this one versus Jay Lethal).
2) Does he have an interesting character?
Yes, he is a wrestle fan hating hardman who will do anything to win.
3) Will a crowd pay to see him?
Yes, Target Wrestling regularly sell out shows and he is usually in their main event.

If you can think of any other criteria please let me know but I think everyone can agree that if a wrestler ticks those three boxes they deserve to be recognised for their achievements and yet when wrestling fans are discussing who is the best in the UK or who is their favourite I never see Shady’s name discussed which is a crying shame.

Former Calling Spots editor Richard Penaluna and I used to regularly discuss each other’s biases, him being a fan of Rev Pro and PROGRESS and me being a fan of ICW and local Northeast promotions so perhaps Nattrass’ lack of notoriety is because he lives in Carlisle and not one of the UK’s larger cities. I have no doubt if he was in London wrestling the same matches against the same opponents he would get the credit I feel he deserves.

As always I asked Nattrass what inspired him to get into wrestling and he told me that he and his three brothers would record WWE (then WWF) and WCW and then watch each episode back multiple times. His favourites were Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and Mr Perfect and even as a youngster he would appreciate that the matches the two would put on would be better than most of the other matches that were on a show. Along with watching matches he’d also regularly read PWI magazine which “wasn’t the easiest thing to get hold of in Carlisle at the time” and then at the age of 16 he and his brothers decided to give wrestling a try. He made his debut in 1999 but continued to train at different schools to hone his craft. He worked for different promotions making a name for himself before making Target Wrestling his home.

It is at Target where he has had the most success and has wrestled fantastic matches against international stars such as Ricochet, Jay Lethal and Paul London. It is also at Target where his current persona was born. When I met Nattrass he was wearing a shirt donning his catchphrase “I hate wrestling fans” and I asked him where this came from. He told me a story that sounded familiar and I am sure everyone reading this will have experienced. He was wrestling an international wrestler and he was playing a face but because the international performer was a bigger name the fans were booing Nattrass. He was working his arse off doing things that usually got cheers but fans ignored his efforts as they had already made up their mind. Then on the same show the crowd reacted favourably towards a wrestler who was a heel and Shady decided he had had enough and from now on he wrestled his style regardless of reaction and since then he has had some of the best matches of his career (check out Target Wrestling YouTube channel to see some of his work).

On behalf of myself and the Calling Spots team I would like to thank Shady for taking the time to speak to me and I’d like to wish him all the best for the future.

Social Media:
Facebook – Shady Nattrass
Instagram – shadynattrass
Twitter – ShadyNattrass

Dream opponent:
Nattrass believes AJ Styles as one of the very best of all time and would love to wrestle him. He did attend a Styles seminar back in 2005 but due to the limited number of indy matches Styles has had in the UK Nattrass has never been able to cross paths with him in the ring.

I also asked Shady about opponents nearer to home and he instantly named Martin Kirby as one of his favourite opponents as he thinks Kirby is the best all round wrestler in the UK.

Random fact(s):
Earlier in this article I suggested you look at the list of wrestlers that Shady Nattrass has wrestled against. Here is just a small sampling of those names….
El Generico (now WWE’s Sami Zayn)
Pac (now WWE’s Neville)
Tommy End (now NXT’s Aleister Black)
Petey Williams
Roderick Strong
Shane Strickland
Paul London
Jay Lethal
Chris Masters
Marty Scurll
Jimmy Havoc
Jody Fleisch
Jonny Storm
Big Damo
Noam Dar
Joe Coffey
BT Gunn
Zack Gibson
Joseph Conners
Johnny Moss
Martin Kirby
El Ligero

*as of April 2017

Written by Neil Rogers