Saxon Huxley

Credit to Tony Knox for the photograph

Name: Saxon Huxley

Nickname(s): The Psychedelic Samaritan, Saint Saxon The Baptist, The Muscle Cat

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 230lbs

Age*: 30

From: Hartlepool, England

Started training: September 2009

Trained by:
Lance Storm
Brian Kendrick
Marty Jones

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
Brian Kendrick’s Wrestling Pro Wrestling
Championship Wrestling From Hollywood
Empire Professional Wrestling
Grapple Wrestling
Great Bear Promotions
Italian Championship Wrestling
Main Event Wrestling
Megaslam Wrestling
Miti Del Wrestling
NORTH Wrestling NCL
Paradox Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Allstars
Pro Wrestling Holland
Pro Wrestling Showdown
PROGRESS Wrestling
Pure Wrestling Association
Radical Innovation of Sports Entertainment (RISE) England
TNT Extreme Wrestling
Union of European Wrestling Alliances
Wrestletime Presents

Titles held:
Empire Wrestling Tag Team Championship
RISE Underground Championship

Signature moves:
Shattered Illusions
(Over the shoulder back breaker)

Back in 2014 I wrote my first article for Calling Spots (issue 8 if you were wondering) and in it I sang the praises of wrestlers that looks like wrestlers. It wasn’t a popular opinion then and it may not be a popular opinion now but all other things being equal I am always gonna be a fan of a guy if he is north of six foot tall and muscular as all hell.

Now imagine that everything else isn’t equal,then imagine that on top of all that the guy also has the best résumé and is also the one of most skilled around. I’m here to tell you that guy exists and that guy is Saxon Huxley.

Allow me to go over those things point by point. First of all, by now you should have seen Huxley’s measureables and seen his picture so I don’t think I need to repeat myself. I don’t think there are many men or women in British wrestling that looks more a professional wrestler than ‘The Muscle Cat’.

Secondly, let’s look at Huxley’s résumé and where he was trained. When Huxley decided he wanted to be a wrestler he wanted to “create his own route and immerse himself in wrestling” fulltime as he felt he would get more from it than just one or two weekly sessions. He also decided he wanted go to the very best schools so in 2009, at the age of 22, he travelled over 4000 miles to Calgary to train under Lance Storm at the Storm Wrestling Academy. There he trained five days a week for three months before returning to the UK to finish his degree. Once back in the UK he continued his training, this time under British wrestling legend Marty Jones, while also trying to make a name for himself on the UK scene.

In 2013 after a few years of juggling his full time job with wrestling he made the decision that he needed to make wrestling his focus if he was to fulfill his dreams of wrestling for WWE. Around this time he just happened to be listening to a podcast and heard about Brian Kendrick’s wrestling school and decided that Kendrick’s school was the place for him. He managed to secure a spot in at the academy and that summer he flew out Los Angeles, California and spent three months training under future WWE Performance Centre coach Brian Kendrick. During those three months he once again became fully immersed in wrestling and grew not only as a wrestler but as a person. Unlike his previous stint in North America Huxley did not return straight home after his programme and instead attended a week-long wrestling camp in North Carolina, held by Tom Pritchard before then returning to Calgary to once again enroll at the Storm Wrestling Academy. Once Huxley’s second stint was completed at the SWA he received an invitation from Kendrick, who he had become close friends with, to come back to California and be part of another intake at his school. Huxley gladly accepted the invitation instead of returning home. By the time he returned home Huxley had trained solidly for nine months, more than many wrestlers will in their entire career, and gained invaluable experience from two of the best trainers in the world.

When he returned to the UK in early 2014 Huxley was a far more polished and skilled performer than before and as a result the quality of his matches improved. This was enough to catch the eye of the WWE and in 2015 he received his first trial for the sports entertainment giant. Originally nothing came of this but undeterred Huxley continued grinding away and building his reputation of one of the most skilled big men working in the UK. Then in November 2016 he received his second trial and a few months later he received a call from the WWE inviting him to London for the press conference. It wasn’t until he arrived in London and met with WWE officials that he learned of the UK Championship Tournament and more importantly he was going to be one of the most 16 men that would be part of it. Unfortunately the tournament didn’t go as well as he would have like and he was eliminated in the first round by Sam Gradwell.

Despite his early elimination Huxley is clearly still part of the WWE’s plans as be has wrestled for them four other times and has picked up victories in three of these four matches (including an impressive tag team victory alongside Akira Tozawa over Tony Nese and Huxley’s long time friend and trainer Brian Kendrick).

As you can probably tell I am a huge fan of Saxon Huxley, I believe he is an incredibly talented wrestler and, perhaps more importantly, he is one of the friendliest people I have met at any wrestling show. I would like to thank Saxon for taking the time to speak to me and on behalf if the entire Calling Spots team I would like to wish him all the best for the future. He deserves every success that he has had so far in his career and I hope there are many more to celebrate in the future.

Social Media:
Facebook – Saxon Huxley ‘The Muscle Cat’ (@musclecatsaxonhuxley)
Instagram – themusclecat
Twitter – MuscleCatJesus

Dream opponent:
If Huxley could wrestle anyone from wrestling history he would love to wrestle Terry Funk as he believes Funk is the greatest professional wrestler of all time.

Random fact(s):
Before becoming a fulltime wrestler Huxley was a welding inspector in the oil and gas industry and spent two years living abroad in Denmark and Holland.

While training at the Storm Wrestling Academy Huxley trained alongside current WWE Superstars Emma and Tyler Breeze.

Huxley has been a fan of wrestling since he was four years old and watched Roddy Piper vs Bret Hart at Wrestlemania VIII. His favorite wrestler growing up was ‘The Hitman’.

*as of February 2018

Written by Neil Rogers

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