Sammii Jayne

Credit to Dod Morrison for the photo

Name: Sammii Jayne

Nickname(s): The Queen of Catch, The Huntress

Height: 5’2”

Weight: A lady never tells and a gentleman should never ask

Age: see above

From: Perth, Scotland

Started training: 2011

Trained by:
Big Damo
Mikey Whiplash
Source Wrestling School

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
Alpha Omega Wrestling
Bellatrix Fierce Females
DEFIANT Wrestling
Discovery Wrestling
Dragon Pro Wrestling
Empress Pro Wrestling
Fierce Females
Infinite Promotions
Insane Championship Wrestling
Lucha Forever
Main Event Wrestling
Over The Top Wrestling
Premier British Wrestling
Preston City Wrestling
RAD:PRO Wrestling
Radical Innovation of Sports Entertainment (RISE) England
Revolution Championship Wrestling
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Respect Pro Wrestling
Rock N Wrestle
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Scottish Wrestling Alliance: Source
Scottish Wrestling Entertainment
Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling
Target Wrestling
Three Count Wrestling
United European Wrestling Alliance
World Wide Wrestling League
X Wrestling Alliance

3CW Women’s Championship
DW Women’s Championship
FF Scottish Women’s Championship
MEW Women’s Championship
OTT Women’s Championship
Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship
RAD:PRO Mox Tag Championship
RCW Championship
SWE Future Division Championship

2018 – Rev Pro Queen of the Ring tournament winner

Signature moves:
Slingshot Cutter
Springboard Double Knees
Cross Armbreaker

I think we can all agree that the best wrestling characters the ones that are that person but cranked up to 11 (with the Undertaker being the exception that proves the rule). Stone Cold loved a beer, Hulk Hogan definitely took his “vitamins” and it is undeniable that Ric Flair truly was a styling, profiling, limosine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing son of a gun. If this is true then Sammii Jayne has everychance of becoming one of the best characters around as she perfectly portrays the no nonsense straightwoman for, her fellow Bae Club member and regular tag team partner, Debbie Sharpe and her craziness to bounce off. OK, that’s not quite accurate, she actually only slightly less manic than Sharp (but in the ring she is a lot more sensible) and after my interactions with Jayne this does seem to be how she genuinely is but exagerated a tad for effect.

The tag team of Sharpe and Jayne were originally paired together by various promoters because of their real life friendship with each other and it wasn’t long before the two created the “Bae Club” name (mainly called that because of most people’s distain for the word “bae”) and the team went from strength to strength. Unfortunately tag team championships are a rarity in women’s wrestling so the duo’s stella work has not received the acknowledgements that it has deserved. Like most friends Sharp and Jayne have been known to have the occasional spat and from time to time they are put in a situation where they have to face off and sometimes this things can get rough but in the end nothing ever keeps the two best friends apart for too long.

Despite being part of one of the few established female tag teams anywhere in the wrestling world it is as a singles competitor that Sammii Jayne has had some of her biggest successes. Despite having not held any titles (even if there are websites that claim otherwise) Jayne is the person responsible for banishing ICW favourite and current NXT star Nikki Storm ( now Nikki Glencross) from the promotion when she ended their year long rivalry with a decisive victory at Barramania in April of this year. Whether Jayne is ready to build on this impressive victory remains to be seen but given Storm’s standing in the company prior to her leaving, and that Jayne followed up that win with competitive feud with ICW Women’s champion Carmela, I am hopeful that Jayne can be put in a similar position and establish herself in one of the most competitive women’s divisions anywhere in Europe.

When asked about her future plans Jayne would not give much away and gave the somewhat cliché answer that she currently takes every day and every match as it comes. Perhaps this is true but given she spoke passionately of her respect for Lita and other attitude era female wrestlers I don’t believe it is too much of a leap to think her ultimate aim is one day follow in her hero’s footsteps and appear in the WWE (after all, isn’t that the aim for everyone). Given her current ability, how much she has improved in the last year or two and that she has received training from Big Damo and Mikey Whiplash who are two of the best around in the UK, it isn’t unfathomable to believe that if she continues to improve and build her reputation that she may one day be working alongside Nikki Storm (sorry, Glencross) but this time under the banner of WWE.

Whatever Sammii Jayne decides to do with the future she will have a fan in me and I would like to wish her luck on behalf of myself and everyone on the Calling Spots team, even if she does use the word “bae” more than I would like.

Social Media:
Facebook – Sammii Jayne (@SammiiJayne21)
Instagram – sammiijayne25
Twitter – sammiijayne21

YouTube – Sammii Jayne

Dream opponent:
Jayne’s childhood hero is Lita and she would love to have had a match against her. Charlotte Flair is her dream opponent from currently active wrestlers and Blue Nikita would be someone she would love to face off against.

Random fact(s):
Jayne is one of the few managers in the country to have an official managers license, so no matter what you say, she’s allowed to be at right side, OK!

Sammii Jayne is an avid fan of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, so much so that she watches the movies multiple times every year.

Despite plucking for the quite fancy Strawberries and Kreme as her favourite doughnut, Jayne’s taste in pizza is a lot simpler with a Margherita being her choice of topping.

Jayne is a cat person, and don’t you try and persuade her on dogs.. You won’t win!

Written by Neil Rogers