Ruby Radley

Credit to Leo Francis for the photograph

Name: Ruby Radley

Nickname(s)/Aliases: Lexi Reckless, Ruby Summers

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 119lbs

Age*: 25

From: Leeds, England

Started training: April 2013

Trained by:
Paul Clarke
El Ligero
Marty Jones

Companies worked for:
British Wrestling Entertainment
Conwy County Wrestling
Empress Pro
Entertainment Pro Wrestling Wrestling
Exciting Wrestling Entertainment
Fierce Females
Fight Factory Wrestling
Fourth Generation Wrestling
Grapple Wrestling
HOPE Wrestling
Impact Championship Entertainment Wrestling
K&S Wresting Promotions
Kamikaze Pro Wrestling
Lincoln Fight Factory
Manchester Championship Wrestling
Megaslam Wrestling
Mysteria Mixed Wrestling
New Generation Wrestling
Norton British Wrestling
Phoenix Events
Plex Wrestling
Plymouth Wrestling Association – UK
Pro Wrestling Allstars
Pro Wrestling Pride
Royal Wrestling Promotions
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Tapout Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
Total Wrestling Entertainment
UK Wrestling Entertainment
Wrestle Island

Titles held:
BWE Bombshells Championship

Signature moves:
Top Rope Missile Dropkick,
Seated Back Superkick
Code Red
Torture Rack Slam
Fisherman’s Muscle Buster
(Muscle Buster into a bridge)

A relative newcomer to the British scene, Radley made her in-ring debut in August 2013 after only four months of training at Grapple Wrestling under the tutelage of Paul Clarke. Since then she hasn’t looked back and has wrestled for well over 20 companies around the UK. Given her youth and obvious beauty Radley is often cast in the role of a babyface and like any good face she is able to get draw sympathy and support from a crowd. Although she prefers playing the role of a goodie two shoes she is also more than capable of playing a heel and believes one of her strengths is her ability to make people dislike her and want to see her get her comeuppance.

Having not had the opportunity to meet Ruby Summer before (all of matches I have seen of hers were watched online) I was taken aback when I found out how relatively inexperienced she is as the array of moves in her arsenal are that of a far more experiences performer. It is a credit to her trainers and herself that she was able to successfully add exciting and complicated looking moves such as the Code Red and Muscle Buster (with a bridge) into her repertoire within 12-18 months of her first training session.

When asked about her ideal future in wrestling Radley was very pragmatic and realistic stating “I’d like to say to make it to the WWE, which obviously would be incredibly amazing, but with how good British wrestling is right now, I’d love to be regarded as one of the best in the country.” Given her current that she has already shared a ring with some of the UK’s best female performers, such as Viper, Kay Lee Ray, Nixon Newell and Lana Austin (who Summer’s defeated to win the BWE Bombshells Championship, which she held for a company record eight months), her dreams do not seem unrealistic. I find it easy to imagine a day where the name Ruby Radley is one of the first listed when it comes to the top female talent in the UK and beyond. Along with her dream of performing for the WWE, Radley shared her hopes that wrestling will one day provide the means for her to travel the world and included the US, Canada, Japan, Australia and parts of Europe among the locations she’d love to visit and perform in.

During my chat with Ruby I found her to be incredibly friendly, polite and she was almost the perfect interviewee, for all those reasons and many more I would like to wish her all the best in her wrestling future from not only myself but the entire Calling Spots staff.

Social Media:
Facebook – Ruby Radley
Instagram – rubyradley1
Twitter – RubyRadley24

Dream opponent:
Radley Dream opponent would be either Lita or Shawn Michaels as they were her two favourite wrestlers when she was growing up and remain her favourites to this day.

Random fact(s):
Radley loves cars and currently drives a 2011 blue Renault Clio. Her first ever car my was a green Ford Ka, which literally fell apart while she was driving down the M1. Her dream car would be a black 1967 Ford Mustang because of it’s classic look and the sound of the V8 engine.

Radley is a long time fan of video games and her first console was the original Sony PlayStation. She plays several types of games but her favourites are games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto

Radley’ favourite TV programmes are The Big Bang Theory, Friends and Pretty Little Liars. Her love of Pretty Little Liars has led to her sometimes being announced as being from Radley which is a fictional insane asylum from the show.

*as of August 2017

Written by Neil Rogers

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