Prince Ameen

Credit to Ringside Perspective for the photograph

Name: Prince Ameen

Nickname(s)/aliases: The Richest Man in Professional Wrestling

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 233lbs

Age*: 33

From: Gujarat, India (or Newcastle, England depending on who you believe)

Started training: 2002 (but as a Prince he has been wrestling since the day he was born)

Trained by:
There are many people who have been involved in Prince Ameen’s career (including Robbie Brookside, Drew McDonald, Tony Spitfire and Iceman) but none of Ameen stated that none of them had as much as an influence as he did.

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
All Star Wrestling
British Hybrid Wrestling
Complete Revolutionary Wrestling
DEFIANT Wrestling
Dynamic Pro Wrestling
Entertainment Pro Wrestling American Wrestling
Gerry Norton Promotions
Independent Wrestling Federation
Insane Championship Wrestling
Irish Whip Wrestling
Main Event Wrestling
Maximum Pro Wrestling
Megaslam Wrestling
North East Wrestling Society
Northern Wrestling League
Norton British Wrestling
One Pro Wrestling
Power Trip Wrestling
Preston City Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 101
Pro Wrestling 4 U
Radical Innovation of Sports Entertainment (RISE) England
Real Deal Wrestling
SAS Wrestling
Shooting Star Wrestling
Showcase Pro Wrestling
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Target Wrestling
Three Count Wrestling
Total Wrestling Entertainment
Triple X Wrestling
UK Wrestling
United European Wrestling Alliance
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
World Association Of Wrestling
World Wide Wrestling League
Wrestle Zone Wrestling

3CW North East Championship
3CW Tag Team Championship
NBW Heavyweight Championship
RDW Heavyweight Championship
RDW Tag Team Championship
W3L Tag Team Championship

2009 – NBW Title Tournament winner

2015 – MEW Talker of the Year

2017 – MEW Moment of the Year (for his magic carpet ride)

Signature moves:
The Pedigree
– which he borrowed from Triple H but only because Prince Ameen states that he is responsible for making Triple H the man he is today.
The Whole New World Splash

There is a rumour going around that some of you may have heard and that rumour is that wrestling is not real. Anyone who believes that rumour needs to spend five minutes in the presence of Prince Ameen and they will soon realise that, at least when it comes to him, wrestling is 100% real. There is literally nothing “fake” about the richest man from Gujurat (pronounced Gud-jer-at) India.

As someone who lives in the North of England (Prince Ameen chooses to reside in Leeds when he is not holidaying in his many palaces around the globe) I have been fortunate enough to see Prince Ameen wrestle regularly for the last couple of years and I was over the moon when I learned that WCPW had made the decision to add him to their roster as it meant that the entire world would be able to bask in the greatness that is Prince Ameen.

When Ameen was brought into WhatCulture Pro Wrestling he quickly established himself as a dominant force and is, to date, the only competitor who has beaten someone so badly that they won that person’s contract. That person, of course, was Gabriel Kidd and over the last few months Ameen has helped train his “man servant” and shared his lifetime worth of experience. Ameen told me that “Gabriel Kidd knows Prince Ameen knows best” and “You can go to a dozen training schools, you can go to a hundred training schools if you want to but you will never get the education that Prince will give. That’s because I possess a mind that can see what others cannot and I am willing to go places where others cannot. So where it comes to winning by any means necessary I will win because I am Prince Ameen and that is what I do. I win.” So far Ameen’s teachings have not paid dividend for the promising Gabriel Kidd but given that Prince Ameen compared himself to King Midas he seems confident that Kidd is already a better performer than he was before the richest man in professional wrestling got involved.

Gabriel Kidd is not the first protégé that Prince Ameen has taken under his wing. For much of 2015 Jason Prime (now better known as The Primate) worked alongside Ameen as a bodyguard and since their acrimonious split Primate has gone on to be one of the most dominant men in British wrestling.

As you will have noticed I am most definitely a fan if Prince Ameen. The main reason for this is that I have seen him wrestle dozens of times and he is always able to draw a great reaction from a crowd. Sometimes fans boo him because they are trying to conceal their jealousy of the man. Sometimes fans cheer him because they are showing him the respect he deserves. But one thing is for certain, when Prince Ameen is in a wrestling ring people are going to care what happens.

On behalf of the entire Calling Spots team I would like to thank Prince Ameen for taking the time to speak to me and wish him all the best in the future. Not that he needs it.

Social Media:
Facebook – Prince Ameen
Twitter – RealPrinceAmeen

Dream opponent:
Prince Ameen asked that this was “a shoot” and then then told me that Martin Kirby is “the most talented wrestler that I have ever seen.”

He then proceeded to say that “everybody has a style of wrestling, you look at the highfliers, you look at the technical guys, you look at the brawlers, you look at the comedy guys, everyone has their own style of wrestling except Martin Kirby. Martin Kirby has every style. You never wrestle a Martin Kirby match, he wrestles your match and that is why he is the best.”

Ameen also told me that he would have loved to have share some of his spotlight with Ric Flair who he believes is almost a good a wrestler as himself or ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper who he believes was almost as good a talker.

Random fact(s):
Prince Ameen can eat 300 jaffa cakes in 15 minutes without a drink. He is adamant that this is a world record but states that the people from Guiness are yet to send anyone over to adjudicate.

Prince Ameen has slept with over 5000 women and is “open for anything” as long as the women meets his high standards.

*as of December 2017

Written by Neil Rogers