Pete Dunne

Credit to Portrait of a Wrestler for the photograph

Name: Pete Dunne

Nicknames/aliases: The Bruiserweight, Young & Bitter, Tiger Kid

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 161lbs

Age*: 25

From: Birmingham, England

Started training: 2005

Trained by:
Max Angelus
Steven Edwards
Michinoku Pro Dojo

Companies worked for:
AAW Vanguard
AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined
Absolute Intense Wrestling
Alternative Wrestling World
AMP Wrestling Stobbswood
ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
Battle Club Pro
Celtic Wrestling
Centro de Treinos de Wrestling
Climax Wrestling
Combat Sports Federation
Combat Zone Wrestling
Destiny Wrestling
Do Or Die Wrestling
Dragon Pro Wrestling
Dublin Championship Wrestling
Fight Club: PRO
Four Front Wrestling
Future Pro Wrestling
Global Force Wrestling
Good Wrestling
Grand Pro Wrestling
Great Bear Promotions
House Of Pain: Evolution
Infinite Promotions
International Pro Wrestling: UK
International Wrestling Cartel
Ironfist Wrestling
Just Do Wrestling
Kamikaze Pro
Lucha Forever
Mega Championship Wrestling
Michinoku Pro Wrestling
Monkey Madness Wrestling
New Breed Wrestling Association
New Generation Wrestling
Next Level Wrestling
North Shore Pro Wrestling
NORTH Wrestling NCL
Over The Top Wrestling
Phoenix Pro Wrestling
Premier British Wrestling
Preston City Wrestling
Pro Evolution Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Chaos
Pro Wrestling eXpress
Pro Wrestling Kingdom
Pro Wrestling Guerilla
Pro Wrestling Pride
Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Hong Kong
PROGRESS Wrestling
Reloaded Championship Wrestling Alliance
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Riot House Promotion
Saint Louis Anarchy
South Coast Wrestling
South East Wrestling
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Tidal Championship Wrestling
Triple X Wrestling
United European Wrestling Alliances
VII Pro Wrestling
VII Underground
Welsh Wrestling
Westside Xtreme Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
Wrestle Midlands
Wrestling Is Cool

Titles/Accomplishments won:
4FW Junior Heavyweight Championship
ATTACK! 24:7 Championship
AWW British Tag Team Championship
Desting Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship
FCP Championship
OTT No Limits Championship
PWK Championship
PROGRESS Tag Team Championship
PROGRESS World Championship
Relentless Division Championship
RevPro British Cruiserweight Championship
VII Pro Championship
WWE UK Championship
WXW Shotgun Championship

2012 – Elder Stein Invitational winner

2015 – SWE Young Tigers Cup winner

2015 – VII Trifecta Trophy Tournament Winner

2015 – FCP Infinity Trophy winner

2016 – RevPro British Cruiserweight Title Tournament winner

2016 – #396 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

2017 – #29 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

2017 – CHIKARA King of Trios winner (as part of British Strong Style)

Signature moves:
Drop Dead
(Pump Handle Facebuster)
Go to Europe
(GTS with an European uppercut instead of a knee)

When I think of Pete Dunne, I can’t help but curl my fingers into a ball. I didn’t even know I did it until a friend noticed me do this when Dunne’s name popped up in a conversation we were having about who the best young wrestler in the UK. At first I wasn’t sure why I do this but the more I thought about it the more I came up with two competing theories. My initial thought was that perhaps it was a self defence mechanism, after all Dunne is know as a wrestler with a somewhat maniacal desire to gnaw on every finger available when he is in the ring, with or without his infamous mouthguard. My second thought was perhaps I curl my hand into a fist as Pete Dunne is such an awesome heel that my instant reaction is almost always one of anger.

That Dunne inspires this animalistic reaction from me is somwhat crazy as I know he is actually a nice guy (sorry to break your heart). You see, I have been lucky enough to have crossed paths with him when he is not wrestling and when he is outside the ring I have always found him to be amicable and mild mannered. In fact the only time I have seen Dunne be anything ither than laid back is when he is passionately discussing the reasons for him being a vegan (apparently tryin to eat your opponent doesn’t count). Given Dunne’s quiet demeanour, and his preference to wrestle in smaller, intimate venues, it would be easy for someone to wrongly label The Bruiserweight as shy. I have spoken to Dunne maybe a half dozen times so I cannot claim to have that much of an incite into his psyche but I can’t help think that the reason he is relatively quiet as a supreme sense of self confidence (gained through the years of honing his talent) that he probably doesn’t feel the to emit the bravado that can be common place in a locker room situation or when interacting with his a crowd.

You see Pete Dunne is much more than angry looking, finger biting vegan. Pete Dunne is The Bruiserweight, he’s one of the brightest star of British wrestling and the fastest rising stars anywhere in the wreetking world. It could even be argued that Dunne’s reputation is greater outside the UK than inside it. Despite only 22 years old Dunne has been training and wrestling for 11 years and has spent a lot of his time outside his home country and his talent seen him hold titles in wrestling hotbeds like the German, have multiple tours of Japan and recently make an appearance in Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s Battle of Los Angeles (aka PWG BOLA) which to many is the most prestigious tournament in indy wrestling. Now a regular in PROGRESS, WCPW, ATTACK Pro Wrestling and many other of the biggest UK companies, it is undeniably fair to say that Dunne has found success wherever he’s gone.
Originally forming a team with kayfabe brother Damian Dunne, the team has been winding down as the wrestlers have sought to do their own thing. This resulted in the formation of British Strong Style alongside (Trent Seven) in PROGRESS Wrestling whilst in ATTACK Pro Wrestling he has formed a team with Nixon Newell.

Pete Dunne’s wrestling style can be best described as old school heel mixed with British Strong Style. He is as comfortable wrapping you up like a pretzel to make you tap as knocking a few teeth out with a smashing forearm. In short, Dunne is currently one of the best and well respected competitors anywhere in worldwide independent wrestling.

Time will tell how far Pete’s star will rise, but at a tender young age, and that he appears to be at the forefront of the British Wrestling revival, I can only imagine that he is destined for very big things and in this writer’s opinion he deserves every ounce of success that comes his way after all the hard work he has out in on his already decade long journey to the top of wrestling.

On behalf of myself and all the Calling Spots team I would like to wish Pete Dunne all the best in the future and I would also urge you to check out any show where he is set to appear.

Social Media:
Facebook – Bruiserweight Pete Dunne (@DynamitePeteDunne)
Instagram – petedunneyxb
Twitter – PeteDunneYxB

Dream opponent:
Pete Dunne’s Dream opponent would be AJ Styles as he rates his amongst the best wrestlers of all time.

Random fact(s):
Not only is Dunne a vegan but he is also tee total and never drinks alcohol in any form.

Pete Dunne’s first match was against Mark Andrews.

*as of December 2018

Written by Andrew Emmerson