Noam Dar

Credit to Portrait of a Wrestler for the photograph

Name: Noam Dar

Nickname(s): ‘The Future’, ‘The Israeli Icon’, ‘The Jewdi Master’

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 169lbs

Age*: 26

From: A Champagne Supernova in a Galaxy far far away (or Ayrshire, Scotland)

Started training: aged 14

Trained by:
Kid Fite

Companies worked for:
Alternative Wrestling World
Britannia Wrestling Promotions
British Championship Wrestling
Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland
Climax Wrestling
Complete Revolutionary Wrestling
Dragon Gate
Dragon Gate UK
Dynamic Pro Wrestling
Fight Factory Pro Wrestling
Future Pro Wrestling
Futureshock Wrestling
Global Force Wrestling
Grand Pro Wrestling
Infinite Promotions
Insane Championship Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling UK
Main Event Wrestling
New Breed Wrestling Association
New Generation Pro
New Scene Wrestling
Next Level Wrestling
No Limit Wrestling
North East Wrestling Society
One Pro Wrestling
Power Wrestling Entertainment
Premier British Wrestling
Preston City Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 101
Pro Wrestling Elite
Pro Wrestling Ulster
Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Spain
PROGRESS Wrestling
Revolution Championship Wrestling
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Ring Of Honor
Rock N Wrestle
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Shooting Star Wrestling
Showcase Pro Wrestling
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
Union Of European Wrestling Alliances
Westside Xtreme Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
World Wide Wrestling League

BCW Openweight Championship
ICW Heavyweight Championship
ICW Zero-G Championship
IPW Openweight Championship
PCW Cruiserweight Championship
PCW Tag Team Championship
PWE Heavyweight Championship

2010 – ICW Zero-G Title Tournament winner

2013 – PCW Road To Glory Tournament winner

2014 – PROGRESS World Cup winner

2015 – MEW Match of the Year (@Northern Bash vs Rampage Brown, El Ligero, Iain Robinson & Liam Slater)

2016 – MEW Moment of the Year (for his farewell)

2016 – #106 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

2016 – MEW Fan’s Award for Moment of the Year (Dar and Kenny Williams defeated the referee of their match rather than fight each other)

2017 – #108 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

Signature moves:
Champagne Super-kneebar

Very few wrestlers around the world can claim to have eight years experience at the tender age of 22, Dar is one of those few. Having already established himself as one of the best performers in Europe he was recently selected for the WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic where he will compete with 31 other men to show who is the best unsigned wrestler in the world today. It was the selection of Noam Dar (and to a slightly lesser degree Zack Sabre Jnr) that led to me creating this profile section that you are now viewing as I had been unable to easilly find a website that gave me the information that I as a wrestling fan want to see.

Dar started his wrestling journey when he joined the PBW Academy and trained under the tutelage of Kid Fite. After seven months of training he was deemed ready to make his a little before his 15th Birthday. He dedicated his weekends to wrestling and either performed or worked as part of the ring crew at a show every weekend.

From there Dar has been able to travel the UK showcasing his impressive skills and progressed into an incredibly talented performer who is equally at home wrestling a comedy match with Grado (I have witnessed them pause a match part way through to share a plate of chips) or a hard hitting Ring Of Honor rules match against Jay Lethal.

Showing that his creativity is not limted to his in-ring exploits, Dar has designed a wide selection of original tshirts and many that parody established brands and his “Dar Wars” and “Adidar” shirts can be seen at shows up and down the country.

Immensely talented, charismatic, personable and possessing a cheeky grin capable of making women weak at the knees (a friend told me this I’m not just guessing) the man once described by Billy Kirkwood as part of ICW’s “Ayrshire Mafia” has even tool he could possibly need to make it as far as he wants in wrestling. It’s time that the rest of the world learn what fans of ICW have known all along “He’s the future, NOAM DAR!”

Social Media:
Facebook – Noam Dar (@Noamdar93)
Instagram – noamdar
Twitter – NoamDar

Dream opponent:
Eddie Guerrero or Big Daddy. Dar believes wrestling Big Daddy could be the easiest AND most entertaining matches he’d ever have and Guerrero is one of the best of all time.

Random fact(s):
Noam Dar was the first person to be interviewed for Calling Spots. Our editor and creator Richard Penaluna contacted the, then teenage, Dar who was kind enough to agree to an interview for a magazine that technically did not exist at the time.

Dar ordered a cool looking snakeskin phone cover online but when it arrived it had a 20 minute instructional video on how to put it together. Being the patient young man that he is Dar he spent 25 minutes diligently following the instructions, cutting, placing and heating the material before it could be placing them on his iPhone. The result was that Dar now has the coolest looking mobile phone in British, nay, World wrestling. He then showed his phone to his best pal Grado but as he did not possess the required patience he ended up supergluing pieces to his phone leaving it looking, in Noam Dar’s words, “awful”.
That right there folks is investigatory journalism at it’s absolute finest!

*as of August 2019

Written by Neil Rogers