Nixon Newell (now Tegan Nox)

Credit to the Dude Abides Photography for the photo

Name: Nixon Newell

Nickname(s)/Alias: Luchadora The Explora, The Girl With The Shiniest Wizard

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 144lbs

Age*: 24

From: The Welsh Valleys

Started training: 2013

Trained by:
David Stuart
Mike Bird
‘Wild Boar’ Mike Hitchman

Companies worked for:
ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
Bellatrix Female Warriors
Britannia Wrestling Promotions
British Empire Wrestling
Dragon Pro Wrestling
Empress Pro Wrestling
European Pro Wrestling
Fierce Females
Fight Club Pro
Four Front Wrestling
Good Wrestling
Great Bear Promotions
House Of Pain: Evolution
Infinite Promotions
Insane Championship Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling: UK
Ironfist Wrestling
Kamikaze Pro
Leicester Championship Wrestling Roses
Lucha Forever
Megaslam Wrestling
New Wave Wrestling Alliance
Over The Top Wrestling
Pro Evolution Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 4 U
Pro Wrestling Kingdom
Pro Wrestling Malta
Pro Wrestling Pride
Pro-Wrestling: EVE
PROGRESS Wrestling
Revolution Championship Wrestling
Shimmer Women Athletes
Slammin Ladies
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Tidal Championship Wrestling
True Grit Wrestling
Ultimate Pro Wrestling
United European Wrestling Alliance
VII Pro Wrestling
VII Underground
Welsh Wrestling
Westside Dojo
Westside Xtreme Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
World Wonder Ring Stardom

Titles held:
ATTACK! 24:7 Championship
ATTACK! Tag Team Trophy Championship
British Empire Women’s Championship
Queen Of Southside Championship
WCPW Women’s Championship (first ever)

Signature moves:
(Shining Wizard)
Nos Da
(Heroes Welcome)
The Welsh Destroyer
(Canadian Destroyer)

Nixon Newell is gorgeous. There, I said it. I’ve acknowledged the pink elephant in the room, the cat is out of the bag and I’ve sheered the sheep of truth (OK that isn’t a real metaphor but these things work best in threes. Also why are there so many metaphors that refer to animals? Anyway, I digress), I’m not saying that for any other reason than when I am listening to our interview back so I could type up this piece and I don’t think I have ever sounded as nervous as went I was speaking to the former Luchadora The Explorer. Now I appreciate that saying all that may not be the most professional way to start a piece like this but given how easy it would be for Newell to kick seven shades of shite out of me I wanted to get my excuses in early.

Nixon has been a fan of wrestling for pretty much off of her life. She was introduced to it around the age of five but said she didn’t realise that women could do it straight away. She remembers watching a taped episode of either Heat or Velocity after school with her grandfather and seeing Molly Holly wrestle Trish Stratus and thinking “Wow! Girls can do this too? I want to do it!” (strangely Newell’s hero Molly Holly gave almost the exact same answer in a 2010 interview with WWE. In that interview she is quoted as saying “I was like, ‘What? Girls do that too?”).

Once she turned 18 she decided that she wanted to dedicate herself to wrestling and hasn’t looked back since. In three short years she had become one of the brightest prospects of any gender and has appeared for several of the UK’s largest companies alongside other talented individuals, in particular she credits her work with Chris Brookes and the Culture Squad as a key part of her developing into the prodigious talent that she is today. Along with working for for some long running, established companies Newell recently worked for the one of the UK’s newest and most exciting companies WhatCulture Pro Wrestling. I was lucky enough to be amongst the 600-odd person crowd when Newell competed in, and won, the first ever WCPW women’s wrestling match against Bea Priestley and I was also in attendance when she was announced as a participant in the inaugural WCPW Womens Championship match where she will again face off against Priestley in a hotly anticipated iron (wo)man match.

Despite being primarily know as a singles competitor Newell has regularly proved she is equally adept when out in tag team situations. She has frequently teamed with fellow Calling Spots profilee Martina the Session Moth and, as you’d expect, has several interesting stories about her pal from The Flats. In fact when I joked that hadn’t even considered Martina as her dream opponent (see below) she said “I love Martina… Honestly, the most fun I have, ever, is when I am wrestling with her”. “That gimmick is so far away from me, like, I’m not a party person. I’ll have a drink but I’m not, you know, from The Flats.” Obviously I had to ask her thoughts on the Moth’s habit of retrieving items from her trunks (usually condoms) and after a significant amount if time giggling Newell told me “She’s done it a couple of times. It’s legit the best gimmick I have ever seen. When I first went over there she [Martina] said there is thing that we do and I was like, I don’t know if I am comfortable with this. She said all you have to do is go out there and dance, so I was like OK. So we have this tag match against Jinny and Katie Harvey and beforehand Martina says ‘I have this great idea for a spot. I’ll go in my pants and I’ll pull out a condom, then you go in yours and there won’t be anything there so I go behind myself and I’ll pull out another one’ and I was like ‘Oh my God this is a thing that you do’ and it is just brilliant.”

Nixon Newell is undoubtedly one of the best women currently plying her trade on these shores (and don’t forget she’s absolutely gorgeous) and I am looking forward to following her career progression as she continues to improve and add to the companies she has worked for. As always myself and everyone at Calling Spots would like to wish Newell all the best in the future.

Social Media:
Instagram – tegannoxwwe_
Twitter – TeganNoxWWE_

Dream opponent:
Newell’s all-time favourite femaler is wrestler Molly Holly and she would love to be able to go toe-to-toe with her in the ring. When asked if she had a preference on venue or location she chose said that the WhatCulture Pro Wrestling crowd in Newcastle would be her choice as they were one of the loudest she has wrestled infront of.

Newell’s desire to wrestle Molly Holly is not a new thing. During our conversation she stated that her desire for this to happen is so strong that she has started a campaign (as of this very moment) to get ‘Mighty’ Molly out of retirement for one more match so please throw your support behind this cause and tweet #MollyvsNixon get it trending and hopefully someday this will happen

Random fact(s):
Newell was such a fan of going to a bar that had Vimto on tap that she agreed to go there with me next time she is in Newcastle. I’m not saying it’s a date but I am saying she didn’t say it wasn’t.

Newell loves Flipz chocolate covered pretzels and always has some hidden in her house in case a craving sets in. Her particular favourite are the Birthday Cake flavoured ones. She also toldmme a heart warming story ofmone of her fans becoming aware of this and bringing Flipz to a show, Newell was so touched by this that she cried.

*as of November 2017

Written by Neil Rogers