Nicky Starr

Credit to Chris Egon Searle for the photograph

Name: Nicky Starr

Nickname(s): The Wrecking Ball,

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 123lbs

Age*: 25

From: Newcastle, England

Started training: 2011

Trained by:
Ken Clark
Big Kris
Micky Finn
Jed Masters

Companies worked for:
BWF Brand
Complete Revolutionary Wrestling
Contract Pro Wrestling
Exciting Wrestling Evolution
Extreme Pro Wrestling
Five Star Wrestling
Full Tilt Wrestling
Main Event Wrestling
Maximum Pro Wrestling
Northern Championship Wrestling
RAD:PRO Wrestling
Shield Pro Wrestling
Upbrawl Championship Wrestling

Titles held:
CPW Hardcore Championship
EPW Tag Team Championship
MPW Three Rivers Championship
RAD:PRO Embryonix Championship

2018 – MEW Tag Team of the Year (with Assassin)

Signature moves:
Double Foot Stomp
Sliced Bread
Starr Destroyer
(Canadian Destroyer from the middle rope)

Nicky Starr is a young man with a lot of potential (hang on I’m 30 am I old enough to call him a young man? Fuck it my knees hurt, my feet hurt, I feel like I’m 60, I’m gonna go with it). ANYWAY Starr is a young man with a lot of potential and someone who I have seen come on leaps and bounds in recent times.

A wrestling fan for a long as he can remember Starr decided from a young age that “I can’t just be a fan, I want to get into it somehow”. He watched WWE during the fabled Attitude Era and drawn to Triple H, who he felt was the coolest person in the company. At the age of 16 Starr decided that the time was right for him to try his hand at the thing he loved and searched for a school within travelling distance. Thankfully he found Complete Revolutionary Wrestling but during his first session at the school he was told by head trainer, Ken Clark, that the school would be soon be shutting down, although disheartening Starr decided to not be put off and continued to attend the school for the three months until it closed.

Once the school shut it’s doors a lot of people would have ended their training there and moved onto something else yet despite this being the far easier option Starr was not put off and decided to continue his journey towards being a professional wrestler. He found another school, Full Tilt Wrestling Academy, and decided his future lay there. After six months of training Starr made his debut as a masked wrestle named Pinball and was given the instructions that he was to run round and “act like a human pinball”. This gimmick only lasted a few matches and slowly but surely Starr started to create the character that he uses today, that of an obnoxious Miley Cyrus fan that usually wears tights with various Pokemon emblazoned across them. During our conversation it was clear to me that he enjoys being booed and understands that making a crowd jeer him and cheer for his opponent is a crucial part in any dynamic.

During our chat Starr spoke openly about his early career and that in hindsight he was “terrible”. I asked why he thought this was and he frankly admitted he didn’t listen to people. I first saw Starr wrestle around two and a half years ago and I think that he is being overly harsh on himself but it is very clear to see that he is a far better performer now than I would have given him credit for back then.

In his young career Starr has already been be a regular fixture on the cards of several local promotions and also had a lengthy title run, he recently lost the RAD:PRO Embryonix Championship to his Generation of Destruction comrade Assassin after a ten month run and when asked about his future in wrestling he shared a desire to break out from the Northeast scene and work for the bigger companies around the UK as well as experience working abroad. Given what I have seen from Starr I don’t think any of that is realistic and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is achieving those goals sooner rathet than later.

On behalf of the entire Calling Spots team I would like to thank Nicky Starr for taking the time to speak to me and I would like to wish him all the best for the future.

Social Media:
Facebook – Nicky Starr Professional Wrestler (@nickystarr1995)
Instagram – aaroncupboard
Twitter – NICKY_STARR_

Dream opponent:
Starr hummed and hawed over this question and then rattled of the names AJ Styles, Eddie Guerrero and William Regal, all of whom he rates as being amongst the best.

Random fact(s):
Starr is a massive Star Wars fan. His favourite movie is either Empire Strikes Back or, controversially, Revenge of the Sith. He told me “People always shit on the prequels but I love them. I grew up with them so I’ve got too.”

*as of January 2019

Written by Neil Rogers

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