Session Moth Martina

Credit to Jade Costello Designs for the photograph

Name: Martina

Nickname(s): Kazza G

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 139lbs

Age: Forever 21

From: The Flats (aka Dublin, Ireland)

Started training: 2010

Trained by:
Joe Cabray (former NXT wrestler Luther Ward)

Companies worked for:
Absolutely Intense Wrestling
All American Wrestling Pro
American Wrestling Rampage
Bar Wrestling
Beyond Wrestling
British Wrestling Revolution
Celtic Championship Wrestling
Deutsche Wrestling Allianz
Devon Wrestling Association
Discovery Wrestling
Dragon Pro Wrestling
Dublin Championship Wrestling
European Catch Tour Association
Fight Club Pro
Fight Factory Pro Wrestling
German Wrestling Federation
HOPE Wrestling
Insane Chanpionship Wrestling
Lucha Forever
Main Stage Wrestling
Melbourne City Wrestling
No Limit Wrestling
NORTH Wrestling NCL
Over The Top Wrestling
Preston City Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Allstars
Pro Wrestling Australia
Pro Wrestling Chaos
Pro Wrestling Eve
Pro Wrestling Pride
Pro Wrestling Revolver
Pro Wrestling Ulster
PROGRESS Wrestling
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Riptide Wrestling
Rise Wrestling
Sabotage Wrestling
SHIMMER Wrestling
SLAM! Wrestling Academy
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Sports Entertainment Wrestling
Super Fun Wrestling
Swiss Power Wrestling
Triple W
Westside Xtreme Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
Wrestle Gate Pro
UK Women’s Wrestling

Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship
ICW Women’s Championship
OTT Neutral Gender Championship
OTT Women’s Championship
PWA Queen of Diamonds Championship

Signature moves:
Code Breaker
Mandible Claw
Bronco Buster
Satellite DDT

I’ll be honest. I’m a newcomer to the Session Moth bandwagon. Up until a few weeks ago I had never seen one of her matches. Want to know what changed all that? I saw this video and my interest was peaked enough that I decided to check out some of her matches. The first thing I noticed after a brief YouTube search was that Martina is actually pretty good (check out this video for some of her highlights) she obviously possesses incredible charisma but she also has a massive amount of talent when it comes to wrestling and is able to smoothly transition from one manueveur or hold to the next. This on top of the vast array of moves that seem to be in her arsenal made me wonder how I had not heard of her before. The second thing I found out was that it’s not just condoms (all of which are called Mr Durexo) that she pulls out of her… erm… well… tights…. yeah, I’ll go with tights. She then puts Mr Durexo on her hand and applies her own version of the mandible claw (I’d trademark the name “Wo-mandible Claw”), shoving her protected paw into the mouth of her poor opponent.

Upon deciding that Martina simply had to be part of our profile section I set about contacting her and it was at this point I made the startling discovery that Martina hasn’t always been Martina the Session Moth. Up until not too long ago Martina went by Kazza G who was someone I was already familiar with (albeit vaguely). I appreciate that this is something that I perhaps I should have been aware of but in my defence here is Martina and here is Kazza G and I wouldn’t have believed they were related let alone the same person. So with this new information at hand I messaged Kazza G/Martina and asked if she would mind being part of our profile section. Obviously she said yes or this piece wouod not have come to exist.

I was lucky enough to speak to Martina for well over an hour and we discussed her different characters and she told me about all the great work Over The Top Wrestling are doing. As you may have guessed the Kazza G character primarilly works as a face (given that another name for a face is a blue eye and Kazza possesses possibly the bluest of blue eyes this seems as easy choice) but is capable of getting a crowd to boo her. I did find it somewhat surprising that Martina, along with her Lads from the Flats cohorts, is also primarilly a fan favourite despite her outlandish characteristics. If you aren’t familiar with the Lads from the Flats I’d describe them as Ireland’s answer to the Bucky Boys but with the buckfast replaced with something stronger, a lot stronger. I also found out that the “real” Kazza is somewhere between her two creates characterwise and while both have traits that she sees in herself she finds Martina the more interesting character to portray.

My discussion with Kazza G/Martina was genuinely one of the most interesting I have had with any performer as I had previously been unaware of a lot of what was discussed and I was so impressed and intrigued by what I learned that I now have to work on convincing my wife to travel to Dublin so we can take in an Over The Top show. Although I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to “hack the sesh”. If you think you can I urge you to check out any event where you see the name Kazza G or Martina ‘The Session Moth’ is set to appear.

Social Media:
Facebook – Session Moth Martina
Instagram – session_moth_martina
Twitter – mothfromdaflats

Dream opponent:
Although she has wrestled her before Kazza G’s Dream opponent would be Becki Lynch. Lynch blazed a trail for female wrestlers in Ireland and Kazza would love to follow in her footsteps and make it to the WWE.

Random fact(s):
Martina’s rubber friend Mr Durexo is based on Mankind’s slightly more PG sidekick Mr Socko. When Mick Foley heard about Martina’s tribute to him he liked it so much that when he was doing a comedy show in Dublin he invited the Session Moth along and even brought her up on stage to talk about it. Martina describes this as one of the most surreal moments of her life.

Martina’s first match was a tag match where she teamed up with her then boyfriend against her trainer Luther Ward and Kasey Owens.

Written by Neil Rogers