Mark Haskins

Credit to Portrait of a Wrestler for the photograph

Name: Mark Haskins

Nickname/aliases: The Oxford Outlaw, The Star Attraction, Skins the Chav

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 175lbs

Age*: 31

From: Malvern, England

Started training: 2003

Trained by:
Mark Sloan

Companies worked for:
All Star Wrestling
Alternative Wrestling World
ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
BCN Wrestling
Be. Catch Company
Britannia Wrestling Promotions
British Allstar Wrestling Alliance
DEFIANT Wrestling
Dragon Gate
Dragon Gate UK
Dutch Pro Wrestling
Emerald Wrestling Promotions
European Pro Wrestling
Fight Club: PRO
Fight! Nation Wrestling
Five Star Wrestling
Force Francophone de Catch
Four Front Wrestling
Frontline Wrestling
Frontier Wrestling Alliance
Frontier Wrestling Alliance Academy
Future Pro Wrestling
German Wrestling Federation
Herts And Essex Wrestling
House Of Pain: Evolution
International Pro Wrestling: UK
International Wrestling Promotions
Irish Whip Wrestling
Ironfist Wrestling
Kamikaze Pro
Kombat Pro Wrestling
LDN Wrestling
Leicester Championship Wrestling
Lucha Forever
New Generation Wrestling
One Pro Wrestling
Osaka Pro Wrestling
Over The Top Wrestling
Plex Wrestling
Premier British Wrestling
Premier Promotions
Preston City Wrestling
PROGRESS Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Elite
Pro Wrestling Guerilla
Pro Wrestling NOAH
Real Quality Wrestling
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Ring Of Honor
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Shropshire Wrestling Alliance
Smash Wrestling
Solent Wrestling Federation
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Superstars Of Wrestling
TETSUJIN Hybrid Wrestling
The Wrestling League
Tidal Championship Wrestling
TNT Extreme Wrestling
Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
VII Pro Wrestling
United European Wrestling Alliance
Westside Xtreme Wrestling
World Association Of Wrestling
Wu Tech Wrestling

4FW Junior Heavyweight Championship
5SW Snap or Tap Championship
FNW British Championship
Frontline Heavyweight Championship
HEW Heavyweight Championship
IPW:UK All-England Championship
IPW:UK British Cruiserweight Championship
IPW:UK British Tag Team Championship
IPW:UK World Championship
Ironfist British Championship
Lucha Forever Heavyweight Championship
NGW Heavyweight Championship
OTT Gender Neutral Championship
OTT No Limit World Championship
Plex Wrestling British Championship
PROGRESS Tag Team Championship
PROGRESS World Championship
PWF Tag Team Championship
RQW Cruiserweight Championship
RQW European Tag Team Championship
RPW Undisputed Tag Team Championship
Smash Wrestling Championship
SWE Heavyweight Championship
SWE Tag Team Championship
TNT World Championship

2009 – PWF Tag Team Tournament winner

2012 – #181 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

2013 – PBW King of Cruisers

2013 – #327 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

2015 – PROGRESS “Thunderbastard” winner

2016 – #240 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

2017 – #43 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

Signature moves:
Cradle to the Grave
(Pumphandle tombstone piledriver)
(Half nelson lifted and dropped into a knee lift to the opponent’s face)
Stretch Muffler
(Over the shoulder single leg Boston crab)
Made in Japan
(T-bone into a Michinoku Driver)
Bridging Fujiwara armbar
Shooting star press

Mark Haskins is one of the very best the UK has to offer. There’s no point dilly-dallying around it, his resume speaks for itself (as does the pivtre below from his Insagram). For this reason I have to admit I was slightly surprised when he replied to my request for an interview to help put together this profile. Don’t get me wrong, being included in this profile section is a prestigious honour and every wrestler is clamouring to be included but usually when I send a message it is so we can catch up at an upcoming show. That way the person in question can have something to do between them arriving at a venue and their match taking place (a surprising amount of being a professional wrestler seems to be waiting around backstage trying to keep yourself entertained). This was not the case with Haskins though, as he was not set to appear anywhere near to me in the near future we had to arrange another way to conduct the interview. Luckilly for me Haskins was happy to arrange to speak to me on a one of his evenings off (a Friday evening nonetheless!) and sent me his number to call him (that’s right, I have Mark Haskins’ phone number).

Haskins doing his best Ultimo Dragon impression while showing off his belt collection on Instagram on 2nd October 2016

Before calling Mark (I’m going to call him Mark now, I have his number and we’re pretty much best friends) I sent him the facts I had been able to research so that our conversation wouldn’t mainly being me reading him the mammoth list of companies that he has wrestled for and we exchanged pleasantries while emails went back and forth before I called him at the end of the week. Unfortunately our call didn’t quite go to plan, I called a few minutes late and he missed the call then he called me back and was incredibly apologetic and explained his children had taken longer to be put down to bed than he had planned. I appreciate none if this has anything whatsoever to do with wrestling but hopefully I am painting Mark to be the thoroughly lovely bloke that he seems to be. That’s right I’m still sticking to calling him Mark, as I say we are pretty much best friends now!

During our conversation we discussed what got us interested in wrestling when we were younger. Mark told me that the first match he watched with the first ever Hell in a Cell match, the absolute classic between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker from Badd Blood 1997. Perhaps unsurprisingly he was hooked from that moment on and started to get his hands on his many tapes as possible so he could take in as many different matches and see as many different styles as he could. Whether it was classic WCW and WWF, the more adult orientated ECW or even the hyper violent Japanese death matches if the 1990s Mark soon built quite a collection of tapes and memorised many of his favourite matches by rewatching the tapes until the wear and tear made them unwatchable (if you are under 20 years of age you will probably never have felt this pain). We joked about how tape trading and such things are now obsolete as almost everyone has some form of access to the internet.

Mark shared some stories of his time in TNA and recalled some of the matches he had been involved in with his childhood heroes. During his career he has shared a ring with and performed against stars of the Attitude Era like Jeff Jarrett, Gangrel, Tajiri and Matt Hardy. Obviously you cannot talk about Broken Matt without getting into a discussion about the Final deletion which Mark described as “epic”.

After roughly 20 minutes of chatting to my new pal I decided to let him go and enjoy his evening as he had a busy weeked of wrestling ahead of him (our call took place on Friday 29th July and he went on to beat Zack Gibson at Fight! Nation Wrestling on Saturday and before defeating Will Ospreay for PROGRESS Wrestling in a #1 contender match on Sunday).

As you can probably tell I was genuinely taken aback by how polite and friendly Mark had been and I did spend the weekend dropping Mark’s name like a love sick school boy (which my wife found very amusing). I appreciate this may not be the most coherent bio I have written but I did say early on that Mark Haskins is one of the best the UK has to offer and that is really all you need to know.

Sadly since Mark and I spoke he has decided to take some time off from wrestling and has vacated the championships he was currently in possession of. He did release a video via the PROGRESS Wrestling Facebook page (link here) where he emotionally explains why he has made the decision to take the time off. On behalf of myself and the entire Calling Spots team I would like to wish Mark all the best in his recovery and that we hope to see him back in the ring once he is all mended up. Get well soon mate!

Social Media:
Facebook – Mark Haskins (@MarkHaskinsPro)
Instagram – markhaskinspro
Twitter – ThisIsHaskins

Dream opponent:
Eddie Guerrero as he was his favourite wrestler when he was younger and Haskins would have loved to have wrestled him. Followed closed by Shawn Michaels then Steve Austin.

Random fact(s):
Haskins’ favourite drink is whiskey and his favourite food is flapjack.

Vicky Guerrero follows Haskins’ wife, Vicky, on Twitter.

*as of July 2019

Written by Neil Rogers