Lucas Archer

Credit to Jez Bradshaw for the photograph

Name: Lucas Archer

Nickname(s)/aliases: Master of the Worm

Age*: 27

From: Derby, United Kingdom

Started training: 2014

Trained by:
Joseph Conners
House of Pain Wrestling

Companies worked for:
All Star Wrestling
British Wrestling Revolution
BWF Brand
Fight Factory Wrestling
FIGHT! Nation Wrestling
House of Pain Wrestling
House of Pain: Evolution
Leicester Championship Wrestling
Leicester Championship Wrestling: Elevation
Lucha Forever
Megaslam Wrestling
Paradox Pro Wrestling
Three Count Wrestling
United Wrestling
Welsh Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling

Signature Moves:
Russian Leg Sweep
The Worm
The Sureshot Backbreaker

Titles won
HOP Tag Team Championship

We all know gaining experience in professional wrestling is key and at the moment there seems to be no place better to in the world to get experience than here in the UK as there are so many opportunities to amass and hone talent with schools and promotions all over the nation. British talent is currently taking the world by storm, Lucas Archer is one of many prospects hoping to go on to become a legend (I apologise for blatantly ripping off Archer’s former manager James R. Kennedy)

With only a few years of professional wrestling experience on his arsenal, he is out to prove the world that he’s in the path to making a mark not only in the British scene, but all around the world as well.

If you don’t trust me then trust one of the most respected wrestlers on the UK scene and current WWE UK Championship competitor Joseph Conners. When Conners was approached by WCPW and asked to recommend wrestlers to bring into the company he handpicked Archer alongside with other up-and-comers like Gabriel Kidd and Alex Gracie.

Along with Conners, Archer also credits Stixx and his House of Pain Wrestling school as having made him the wrestler that he is today, Archer is still not done learning whatever he can. Throughout our interview it was evident how much Archer not only respects and admires wrestling greats of the past and the present but also how passionate he is to be a part of the future of wrestling.

The whole world got the first glimpse of Archer in the inaugural match of WhatCulture Pro Wrestling, a wrestling promotion that took everyone for a ride ever since it’s announcement on May 2016. Interfering the match for his tag team partner Alex Gracie, the fans got a glimpse of how ruthless he could be, especially if it’s in his best interest. At that time, it was introducing Prospect with a bang – with their then manager James R. Kennedy, the duo being later joined by Drake.

Archer, along with Gracie, has been heavily involved with WCPW since then. From their suspension to their chase to the title, WCPW fans have seen many different facets of. Prospect. Their comedic skits also came with amazing matches with wrestlers all around the world as Prospect have defeated many different teams and have picked up wins against stars such as El Desperado and Grado.

Now that they are disowned by Kennedy and potentially screwed out of their chances of going to Orlando, they’re out there to prove that they might be out of the group, but no one can remove their path as a Prospect.

Sometimes, a prospect goes on to become a legend. And for Lucas Archer… well, he’s flying to get there.

On behalf of myself and the entirety of the Calling Spots team I would like to wish Archer all best for his future. On a more personal note I would also like to say that Lucas Archer is one if the friendliest and most helpful wrestlers I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with and he genuinely deserves any success that comes his way.

Social Media:
Facebook – Lucas Archer – Pro Wrestler
Instagram – lucasarcheruk
Twitter – lucasarcheruk

Dream opponent:
He didn’t want to sound cliche, but he picks Undertaker – and he’s willing to wait whilst he takes his 10 minute walk even if the match lasted less than a minute.

Random fact(s):
Lucas Archer does not like liquorice but he does love a macaroon.

Lucas Archer is NOT Lucha Archer, as proven during the Prospect vs. Los Prospectiva matchup. They may are, however, close friends

As of the time of writing, they are currently trying to get funds for their plane tickets to get to WCPW’s Orlando shows. Please consider buying a shirt or to support their fundraising campaign in Indiegogo to support WCPW’s original tag team. #Prospect2Orlando

Believe it or not but before WCPW, Lucas Archer had not teamed with Alex Gracie before. They have fought in a triple threat once though.

His dabbing inspiration is the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins. Archer also does not respond well when people critique his dabbing.

*as of April 2019

Written by Hannah Bucsit