Lou King Sharp

Credit to Graeme Cunningham

Name:: Lou King Sharp

Your Mother’s Favourite Wrestler,
The Sexiest man in Professional Wrestling,
The King of Scheme Style,
The Fake Tan Superman

Height: 5’4” (apparently)

Weight: 8 and a half stone (119lbs)

Age*: 21

From: Glasgow, Scotland

Started training: 2010

Trained by:
Kid Fite
PBW Academy

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
All Star Wrestling
American Combat Wrestling
British Championship Wrestling
Celtic Championship Wrestling
Copenhagen Championship Wrestling
Dansk Pro Wrestling
Discovery Wrestling
East End Championship Wrestling
Fight Club Finland Wrestling
Firestorm Pro Wrestling
Five Star Wrestling
Full Tilt Wrestling
GBG Wrestling
Great Bear Promotions
I Believe In Wrestling
Immortal Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
Kingdom Wrestling Alliance
KnockOut Wrestling
Premier British Wrestling
Pride Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Elite
Pro Wrestling Heroes
Pro Wrestling Scotland
Reckless Intent
Rock n Wrestle
Scottish School Of Wrestling
Scottish Wrestling Entertainment
Showcase Pro Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
TNT Extreme Wrestling
Upbrawl Championship Wrestling
Vertigo Pro Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
World Wide Wrestling League

Titles held:
DPW Heavyweight Championship
ICW Tag Team Championship
PBW Tag Team Championship
PWE Tag Team Championship
Reckless Intent Hardcore Championship
SWE Future Division Championship
WrestleZone Tag Team Chanpionship

2017 – PBW King of the Cruisers

Signature moves:
Slick Kick
(Flying Big Boot)
Panty Dropper
(Code Red)
5-Stone Sharp Splash
(Frog Splash)

I first saw Lou King Sharp at 5* Wrestling at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle. Yes, ultimately he was squashed by Big Damo and Magnus but in his defence is was a 2-on-1 handicap match and Damo has probably had larger bowel movements than the self proclaimed ‘The Sexiest man in Professional Wrestling’. Despite his loss I was taken aback by how charismatic he was for such a young performer and wanted to know more about him.

Luckily I had already had a chance to speak to his trainer Kid Fite for an interview earlier that day so I knew just the place to start. Over the months I have known Kid Fite I have never heard him say a bad word about his protégé which is truly remarkable given how hyper LKS appears to be sometimes. I asked Fite for a quote on his trainee and half expected a generic throwaway line about how he has “great potential” or “if he works hard he has a chance make it someday. Instead I received this:
“Great attitude, great Image, great talent. Lou King Sharp ticks all those boxes and is without a doubt one of the top young talents to emerge from the PBW Academy in the last few years. His skills in the ring and exceptional character have seen him attract interest from several of the biggest and best British companies around. At this rate Sharp is on course to become one of the best in the UK”;
I’d like to share the things came to mind when I read that response.
1) Does Sharp have Fite’s phone? (He didn’t)
2) Kid Fite might need to change his name to Kid Softy (I decided not to suggest this to him directly)
3) How much did LKS pay him? (Apparently nothing)
4) If he really feels like that about Sharp why does he post videos of him chasing his protégé around with boogies trying to make him be sick? (Sharp reckons this is just “his way”)
5) Fucking hell! Fite has trained people such as Noam Dar and Kay Lee Ray who have already gone one to be among the best in Europe (if not the world) so if he thinks LKS has that level of potential maybe this Sharp laddie might definitely be worth keeping an eye on for the future.

Another thing I learned about ‘The Fake Tan Superman’ while researching this was just how hardworking he is. Not only does he attend training at least once a week whenever possible but he has also attended more training seminars than he has had hot dinners. Check out this incomplete list:
Prince Devitt (aka Finn Balor)
Drew Galloway (aka McIntyre)
Paul London
Chris Masters
Christopher Daniels
Zack Sabre Jr
Mark Haskins
Marty Scurll
BT Gunn
Jack Jester
Rampage Brown
Johnny Moss

So LKS is young, talented, charismatic and seemingly 100% dedicated to becoming a star. Have I missed anything? Oh yes, he also possesses something that sets him apart from many of his peers, a face I don’t think I’d ever get bored of watching someone slap! When you put all these things together I don’t think there is any doubt that Lou King Sharp is going to be a top star (even if he isn’t actually my mother’s favourite, I asked). Myself and everyone involved in Calling Spots would like to wish Lou King Sharp all the best in the future and highly recommend you check him out.

Social Media:
Facebook – Lou King Sharp (@LouKingSharp)
Instagram – loukingsharppbw
Twitter – LouKingSharpPBW

Dream opponent:
Rockstar Spud as Lou King Sharp is a huge fan of his work and he is one of his alltime favourites.

Random fact(s):
Sharp is terrified of boogies and the thought of being touched with one makes him retch violently. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this video posted by his trainer, colleague and “friend” Kid Fite.

Despite being the ‘The King of Scheme Style’, Lou King Sharp cannot swim. Perhaps this is because he can’t stand up in the shallow end, perhaps it’s not…

If you don’t appreciate how awesome a ring name Lou King Sharp is then say it outloud and hopefully you’ll get it.

*as of January 2019

Written by Neil Rogers