Little Miss Roxxy

Credit to Keith Fusco for the photograph

Name: Little Miss Roxxy

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 108lbs

Age: n/a
(Roxxy said she’d drop kick me in the face if I asked her about her age again, if you want to know I suggest you ask her)

From: Newton Aycliffe, England

Started training: 2014

Trained by:
Rampage Brown
Marty Jones
NGW Academy

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
All Star Wrestling
British Empire Wrestling
British Wrestling Empire
British Wrestling Entertainment
British Wrestling Revolution
BWF Brand
Championship Of Wrestling
Conwy County Wrestling
Dynamic Over-The-Top Action Wrestling
Empire Professional Wrestling
Empress Pro
Entertainment Pro Wrestling American Wrestling
Exposure Entertainment
Fight Factory Wrestling UK
ICE Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
Fierce Females
Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling
Full Tilt Wrestling
FutureShock Wrestling
Genesis Championship Wrestling
HOPE Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
Main Event Wrestling
Monkey Madness Wrestling
NORTH Wrestling NCL
Pro Wrestling EVE
Quest Catch
Radical Innovation of Sports Entertainment (RISE) England
Revolution Championship Wrestling
Shield Pro Wrestling
Super Fun Wrestling
Target Wrestling
Three Count Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
TNT Extreme Wrestling
UK Women’s Wrestling
UK Wrestling Entertainment
Ultimate Pro Wrestling
Upbrawl Championship Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
World War Wrestling

Titles/Accomplishments won:
BWE Bombshell Championship
MEW Women’s Championship
RISE Underground Championship
SPW Almost Pro Women’s Championship
TCW Open Championship
TCW Women’s Championship

2017 – MEW Wrestler of the Year

Signature moves:
Drop Kick
Tornado DDT
The Splank Drop
(Leg drop into a splits)
Muta lock

“Pro wrestler in training… Pole Dancer… Fire eater… Podium dancer… Contortionist” so reads the blurb on Little Miss Roxxy’s Twitter profile. Along describing herself as a bit of ‘Jill of all trades’ (is that the female version of a Jack of all trades?) it would be fair to say that Roxxy is overly modest in her assessment of herself. I understand that even the Ric Flairs and Bret Harts of the world have stated in wrestling you need to always be learning and never resting on your laurels but Little Miss Roxxy is a pro wrestler. Full stop. Sentence over. No need to add the “in training”.

I’m willing to let Roxxy off for not changing her blurb though as it been a few months since she made in ring debut. Yes months, Roxxy made her in ring debut on October 2nd 2015 against Lana Austin at Main Event Wrestling’s 10 year anniversary show Northern Bash. Now although I have no personal experiences to draw upon (believe it or not I’m not and have never been a professional wrestler) I imagine making your wrestling debut must be quite a stressful experience, I also think this stress would be added to by the fact it would be in front of a several hundred people, on a stacked card for a company’s ten year anniversary show. I reckon that would have been enough for me to say “Nah, sod this for a game of soldiers I’ll debut another time” and I think I wouldn’t be alone in that response. Oh, I forgot Roxxy only had a few days to prepare for her debut because the original person booked had to cancel, that person was Kay Lee Ray and the reason was that he had been given the opportunity to appear on NXT. So she was stepping in on short notice to replace a WWE calibre performer. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I would have bottled it. But not Roxxy, she turned up, kicked Ms Austin’s bootie and walked away with not only the win but having also put on a fantastic show including moves that many (myself included) had never seen such as her now signature Splank Drop.

Since her debut 10 months ago I have been in attendance for half a dozen or so of Roxxy’s matches and each time she has shown me something new. Roxxy attended training seminar held by former WWE Superstar Gangrel[/caption] Whether it is her repertoire of moves or how she conveys herself to the crowd Little Miss Roxxy is constantly improving and evolving as a performer and credit for this has to go to Roxxy for her hard work. She is a regular student at Rampage Brown’s NGW Academy and also attends every training seminar that she can.

It could have been very different though as during our conversation Little Miss Roxxy admitted that originally she had intended to go to a different wrestling school but either got lost or took down the wrong address and ended up at the NGW Academy on an evening when the school was open to new starters. Whether this was a lucky mistake or divine intervention it’s undeniable that like for Roxxy would be very different if she had attended that other school. At the NGW Academy she had not only been trained at one of the UK’s very best wrestling schools by some of the very best trainers but she also met her “Kill All Gimmicks” cohort Howard ‘HT’ Drake (Drake mate, I’m sorry I promise your profile will be online soon. Please don’t hurt me) who has gone on to be a close ally of hers inside and outside the ring. Little Miss Roxxy has been able to combine her NGW training with her natural athleticism and flexibility (as mentioned earlier Roxxy is a pole dance and Contortionist) to create her own unique style that is different to any other, for instance I have seen her twisted, tied up in knots and put into positions that I did not think were humanly possible. I have also seen her have her face stomped into the mat from a sitting position in a manner that legitimately made me think she’d had her neck broken.

As you may be able to tell I am full of respect and admiration for Little Miss Roxxy and find it genuinely astonishing that anyone with so little experience has been able to repeatedly rise to the occasion and out on outstanding matches regardless of the pressure faced. The entire Calling Spots staff would like to wish Roxxy all the best in the future and I would personally urge you to go and check her out if you ever see her name or face on a poster.

Social Media:
Facebook – Little Miss Roxxy (@LittleMissRoxxyWrestler)
Instagram – roxxy_hellzbelle
Twitter – roxxywrestler

Dream opponent:
Roxxy was a massive fan of Lita and Trish Stratus when she was younger and stated “she wouldn’t kick them out a ring”.

Random fact(s):
Roxxy is an avid tea drinker and is rarely seen without a cup in her hand.

Boiling a kettle is extent of Roxxy’s culinary skills. During our chat she stated that she recently put tin foil in her microwave and has on more than one occasion has put food in the oven but neglected to turn it on.

Roxxy has a non-identical twin sister. She claims to not be the “evil” twin but I’m not convinced…

I’m almost certain that if Little Miss Roxxy stands in one position for more than five minutes she HAS to splank (that’s do the splits to you and me).

Written by Neil Rogers

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