Liam Thomson

Credit to David J Wilson for the photograph

Name: Liam Thompson

Nickname(s): Bad Boy, LT Degree

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 180lbs

Age*: 32

From: Edinburgh, Scotland

Started training: 2004

Trained by:
BCW Academy
Drew Galloway

Companies worked for:
All Star Wrestling
Alpha Omega Wrestling
British Championship Wrestling
British Hybrid Wrestling
Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland
Complete Revolutionary Wrestling
Dansk Pro Wrestling
Deutsche Wrestling Allianz
Discovery Wrestling
Dynamic Pro Wrestling
Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum
Insane Championship Wrestling
Irish Whip Wrestling
Megaslam Wrestling
New Generation Wrestling
North east wrestling Society
NORTH Wrestling NCL
Norwegian Wrestling Federation
One Pro Wrestling
Preston City Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 101
Pro Wrestling 4 U
Pro Wrestling Elite
Pro Wrestling ZERO1
Premier British Wrestling
RAD:PRO Wrestling
Real Deal Wrestling
Reckless Intent Wrestling
Rock N Wrestle
Scottish School Of Wrestling
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Shooting Star Wrestling
Showcase Pro Wrestling
Svensk Wrestling Syd
Target Wrestling
Three Count Wrestling
Triple Team Promotions
United European Wrestling Alliances
WA1 Wrestling
WILD Promotions
World Wide Wrestling League
Wrestle Zone Wrestling

Titles/Accomplishments won:
1PW Tag Team Championship
BCW Cruiserweight Championship
BCW Openweight Championship
DPW Tag Team Championship
DWA Tag Team Championship
ICW Zero G Championship
PBW Heavyweight Championship
PBW Tag Team Championship
PCW Tag Team Championship
PWE Tag Team Championship
RNW Highland Championship
WILD Catchweight Championship

2007 – WILD Catchweight Title Tournament winner

Signature moves:
Back Cracker
Lung Blower

I feel like this keeps happening and I should probably be used to it by now but once again I met a guy that I thought was gonna be a dick and instead they were everything but. Let me be honest and say I didn’t think Thomson was going to be a dick because he plays the the bad guy (aka heel) so well, I thought he’d be a dick because I have never met anyone described as a “bad boy” and not thought they needed a slap. Take this as you may but “bad boys” are not for me (although I am excited for Bad Boys III aka Bad Boys For Life). With all that being said I found ‘Bad Boy’ Liam Thomson to be one of the most affable men I have ever spoken to. Disappointing I know!

I spent around 30 minutes chirping away at Thomson while he politely chatted back and put up with my inane twittering. We spoke about a variety of topics and he seemed happy to answer my random array of questions. He shared with me his earliest wrestling memories (Papa Shango putting a curse on Ultimate Warrior), let me that his favourite wrestler when he was growing up was Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and he also told me that during the Monday Night Wars he was definitely a WWF (now WWE) man.

I asked ‘Bad Boy’ (although I didn’t refer to him as that in person as I feel it may have been odd to speak go a man I had just met that way) what made him get into wrestling. He told me that he played regularly played football as a child but when he got to the age of 13 he had become so obsessed with wrestling that he would be playing football while constantly thinking about the WWE. In the end he decided to give up on football, despite being a promising left midfielder/leftback, and set out to become a professional wrestler.

Thomson’s first taste of wrestling came at the age of 18 when he travelled to Portsmouth and spent a week training with Mark Sloan and Robbie Brookside. After that brief taste of what life as a wrestler could be Thomson decided to pursue it further and started to regularly attend the BCW Academy where he trained under (and alongside) Drew Galloway, Kid Fite and Wolfgang.

Fite in particular is someone that Thomson has spent a lot of time in the ring with as, in 2008, the two formed ‘Fight Club’ and performed all over Europe winning tag team championships for several companies. Along with the variety of tag team titles Thomsom as also won individual gold at openweight, catchweight, cruiserweight and heavyweight showing that not only is he one of the toughest men in British wrestling he is also capable of successfully mixing it up with opponents of any size.

I spoke too ‘The Bad Boy’ about his future plans as he is now 30 years old and has been wrestling for over a decade. He told me that he has no immediate plans to slow down or turn his hand at training. He told me his aim, as always, is to continue wrestling and he “always wants to do better, I’m always unhappy at how I did, I always want to improve”. Given his recent performance at North Wrestling NCL (available here at approximaely 1 hour 25 mins in) it appears that Thomson is still very much at the top of his game.

On behalf of myself and everyone at Calling Spots I would like to thank ‘Bad Boy’ Liam Thomson for taking the time to speak to me and wish him all the best for the future. Cheers mate!

Social Media:
Facebook – Bad Boy Liam Thomson (@BadBoyLiamT)
Instagram – badboyliamt
Twitter – BadBoyLiamT

Dream opponent:
Although Thomson’s favourite wrestler when he was growing up was Bret Hart his dream opponent would been Owen Hart as he was more athletic and was more likely to pull off a move that noone had ever seen before. A close second to Owen Hart would be ‘The Man of 1000 Holds’ Dean Malenko.

Random fact(s):
Liam Thomson has twice been in the ring when Joe Hendry has done his unique entrances (Wrecking Ball and Seven Nation Army) and joked that he wished the “Lionheart is a fanny” line had been about him.

Liam Thomson loves dogs and has a black labrador called Pumba.

Thomson is one of only two wrestler’s to have appeared at every Fear & Loathing, the other being Kid Fite.

Away from wrestling ‘Bad Boy’ Liam Thomson is a financial adviser in a college.

*as of January 2018

Written by Neil Rogers