Lana Austin

Credit to Alan A Andrew Photography

Name: Lana Austin

Nickname(s): Lana Banana

Height: 5’1”

Weight: 112lbs

Age*: 32

From: Manchester, England

Started training: 2013

Trained by:
Johnnie Brannigan
Grand Pro Wrestling

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
Alpha Omega Wrestling
Alternative Wrestling World
Apex Wrestling
ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
Bellatrix Female Warriors
Britannia Wrestling Promotions
British Wrestling Entertainment
British Wrestling Revolution
Combat Zone Wrestling
Defiant Wrestling
Division Pro Wrestling
Dragon Pro Wrestling
Fierce Females
Fight Factory Wrestling UK
Fight Forever Wrestling
Flemish Wrestling Force
FutureShock Wrestling
Genesis Championship Wrestling
German Wrestling Federation
Great Bear Promotions
House Of Pain: Evolution
HXC Wrestling
ICE Wrestling UK
Impact Wrestling
Infinite Promotions
Insane Championship Wrestling
Ironfist Wrestling
Just Do Wrestling
Kamikaze Pro
Leicester Championship Wrestling Roses
Lucha Forever
Main Event Wrestling
New Generation Wrestling
New Wave Wrestling Alliance
Over The Top Wrestling
Preston City Wrestling
Pro Evolution Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 4 U
Pro Wrestling Allstars
Pro Wrestling Heroes
Pro Wrestling Kingdom
Pro-Wrestling Foxes
PROGRESS Wrestling
RAD:PRO Wrestling
Scottish School of Wrestling
South Coast Wrestling
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Strike Wrestling
Swiss Wrestling Entertainment
Three Count Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
TNT Extreme Wrestling
True Grit Wrestling
Ultimate Pro Wrestling
Union Of European Wrestling Alliances
VII Pro Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
Women Superstars Uncensored

Titles held:
AOW Women’s Championship
ATTACK! 24:7 Women’s Championship
BWE Bombshells Championship
FFW Lady’s Championship
FSW Women’s Championship
PWA Queen of Diamonds Championship
SWE Women’s Championship
TCW Women’s Championship

Signature moves:
Black Kiss

When I decided that I wanted to create this profile section, Lana Austin was the first female performer that came to mind. Perhaps this was because she is one of the most talented, well rounded performers on the UK scene or perhaps it was because depending on how long I am on Facebook I sometimes think I see Lana more often than I do my wife given the copious amounts of selfies she posts. I may never know which was the actual reason for wanting to include the vivacious Ms Austin but both reasons are equally true.

Austin’s formal training became in 2013 (we will get to her informal training later on) and in a few short years she has established herself as one of the very best women around in the UK and has travelled up and down the country showing off her talent. In my opinion Austin does her best work as a dastardly heel who turns the crowd against her by constantly cheating and taking every available shortcut to try to gain the upperhand and win the match. Despite the part of the despicable villain being closer to who Lana Austin really is she capable of Oscar worthy performances as she portrays a sweet innocent baby face that any crowd can get behind while her opponent uses “Lana-esque” tactics to prevent her from winning. There genuinely few performers, of any gender, that appear to be so at ease playing either role and this is credit to Austin’s abundance of talent along with hose that have helped train her across her career.

Getting to Austin’s unofficial, informal training I have seen photos (oh so very many photos) of her as a young teen emulating her hero, WWE Hall of Famer, Lita and it seems obvious that Austin was destined for a future within the squared circle even if she was not aware of it. In fact her love of wrestling has remained one of the constants over the years despite the constant changes in fashion sense, hair styles and deciding whether her eyebrows should be real or drawn on.

Having known Lana through social media for well over a year, having messaged her on numerous occasions and with being a frequent commentator on her posts and pictures (mainly pictures #reasons) I would like to think that I have gotten to know Lana far better than I have with most other grappers and would like to say that not only is she a fantastically talented wrestler and well rounded performer she also a devoted mother, caring friend and, perhaps most importantly, she owns more comic book memorabilia and superhero/villain costumes than anyone I know. Everyone at Calling Spots would like to wish Lana all the best in the future and I would personally like to say that this doesn’t mean I like you :-p

Social Media:
Facebook – Lana Austin
Instagram – lana_austin1
Twitter – Lana_Austin1

Dream opponent:
Austin’s dream opponent would be WWE Hall of Famer Lita in a ladder match.

Random fact(s):
After being Facebook friends with Austin for over 12 months and I truly believe that she will cease to exist if she doesn’t upload at least one selfie. Luckily she is pretty photogenic in most (if not all) of them.

Lita was such a strong influence on a young Lana Austin that she modelled her appearance on her as a teenager. When she met her hero years later when she was adult she said it was one of the best experiences she has ever had.

*as of October 2018

Written by Neil Rogers

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