Kid Fite

Credit to Warrior Photography for the photograph

Name: Kid Fite

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 189lbs

Age*: 34

From: Glasgow, Scotland

Started training: 2001

Trained by:
NWA UK Hammerlock
BCW Academy
Spinner McKenzie
Drew Galloway
Alex Shane
Steve Knight

Companies worked for:
420 Wrestling
All Star Wrestling
Alternative Wrestling World
Blackridge Wrestling
Bold Yin Wrestling
British Championship Wrestling
British Hybrid Wrestling
Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland
Combat Championship Wrestling
Combat Zone Wrestling
Complete Revolution Wrestling
Complete Revolutionary Pro
Dansk Pro Wrestling
Deutsche Wrestling Allianz
Discovery Wrestling
Dynamic Pro Wrestling
Firestorm Pro Wrestling
Five Star Wrestling
Full Tilt Wrestling
George Shaw Wrestling Promotions
German Hurricane Wrestling
Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum
Great Bear Promotions
House Of Pain: Evolution
Infinite Promotions
Insane Championship Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling: UK
International Wrestling Promotions
Irish Whip Wrestling
Italian Championship Wrestling
Kamikaze Pro Wrestling
Kingdom Pro Wrestling
LDN Wrestling
Marie Charity Wrestling
Maximum Wrestling
Megaslam Wrestling
National Wrestling Superstars
New Generation Wrestling
Next Level Wrestling
North East Wrestling Society
North-East Wrestling Alliance
Norwegian Wrestling Federation
One Pro Wrestling
Phoenix Pro Wrestling
Premier British Wrestling
Preston City Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 101
Pro Wrestling 4 U
Pro Wrestling Elite
Pro Wrestling ImPulse
Pro Wrestling Fighters
Pro Wrestling Scotland
Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Spain
Rad Pro Wrestling
Real Deal Wrestling
Rock N Wrestle
Scottish Pro Wrestling
Scottish School Of Wrestling
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Scottish Wrestling Alliance: Source
Scottish Wrestling Entertainment
Shield Almost Pro Wrestling
Showcase Pro Wrestling
Shooting Star Wrestling
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Spitfire Pro Wrestling
Super Wrestling Alliance
Svensk Wrestling Syd
Tidal Championship Wrestling
United Wrestling Alliance
Union of European Wrestling Alliances
WA1 Wrestling
Westside Xtreme Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
WILD Promotions
World Wide Wrestling League
Wrestle Zone Wrestling

1PW Tag Team Championship
BCW Heavyweight Championship
BCW Openweight Championship
DPW Tag Team Championship
DWA Tag Team Championship
ICW Tag Team Championship
NGW Tag Team Championship
PCW Tag Team Championship
PWE Tag Team Championship
SAPW Heavyweight Championship
SAPW Tag Team Championship
SSW Heavyweight Championship
SWA Tag Team Championship
UEWA Cruiserweight Championship
WWWL Tag Team Championship

2007 – BCW Fans choice award

2008 – BCW Shock of the Year

2008 – BCW Moment of the Year

2008 – W3L Tag Team Title Tournament Winner

2011 – ICW Bammy Award “Match of the Year” (Gold Label vs Team ICW)

2011 – ICW Bammy Award “Feud of the Year” (Gold Label vs Team ICW)

2011 – ICW Bammy Award “Moment of the Year” (wrestling’s first multi-person teabag)

Signature moves:
Death Valley Driver
Lockback DDT
(Single arm DDT)

Kid Fite is one of the friendiest, most laidback people I have met in wrestling. On the few occasions I have met him he always has a smile on his face and is happy to shoot the breeze about anything. This definitely came as a shock to me as his in-ring persona and chosen name (Kid Fite does sound like the name you’d give to that scary drunk chav/ned down your local that doesn’t think a night is complete without kicking someone’s head in) is at the opposite end of the spectrum to what the man is like.

This dichotomy is again brought to the forefront whenever I watch a Kid Fite fight (normally I’d say match but I Fite fight definitely has a ring to it) and see him appear to kick seven different shades of shite out of whoever is unlucky enough to be standing opposite him in the ring. That a man as friendly is able to appear so menacing and violent that he can elicit genuine hatred from his crowd speaks worlds to his immense talent and ability. Of course the man has to be talented or else how could he have carved out a 14 year career that shows no sign of ending anytime soon.

Of all the people I have spoken to very few have a resume like Fite. If you name a major UK promotion chances are he will have wrestled there. As well as wrestling for pretty much every promotion Fite has also held 12 different championships (some more than once) on his way to being one of the most highly decorated performers on the UK scene.

Dispite Kid Fite’s incredible career his legacy may be the multiple men and women he has not only trained but also gave their in-ring debuts to. These include:
Noam Dar
Kenny Williams
Davey Blaze
Kay Lee Ray
All of whom are amongst the most talented performers in the UK and two (Noam Dar and Kay Lee Ray) have garnered enough interest from the world’s largest wrestling company, the WWE, and have appeared on WWE TV on NXT and the Cruiserweight Classic respectively.

There are few people that I can think of that can genuinely say that they have made such an impact on Wrestling in the UK as Kid Fite and with his Premier British Wrestling Academy continuing to produce stars of tomorrow, like Lou King Sharp and Aaron Echo, future legacy continues to grow and grow.

I would like to personally thank Kid Fite for taking the time to speak with me and answer my questions and I would also like to thank him on behalf of the Calling Spots staff for the impression he has made on British Wrestling.

Social Media:
Facebook – Kid Fite (@KidFiteUK)
Twitter – Kid_Fite

Dream opponent:
Shawn Michaels was Fite’s favourite wrestler growing up and if he could wrestle anyone from wrestling history it would have been HBK in his prime.

He also stated that as he has always been a big fan of tag team wrestling, he always wanted to wrestle against the Briscoe Brothers. He looked up to the Briscoe’s so much that they heavilly imfluenced the style of the original Fight Club (Kid Fite and Judge Jimmy James) when they formed in 2006.

Random fact(s):
As a youngster Kid Fite was “not too shabby” on a pair of Rollerblades and even played in a competitive roller hockey league.

Fite is the only wrestler who has appeared at every ICW Fear & Loathing.

*as of September 2018

Written by Neil Rogers