Joseph Conners

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Name: Joseph Conners

Nickname(s): The Special Edition, The Righteous

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 204lbs

Age*: 30

From: Nottingham, England

Started training: 2006

Trained by:
Rockstar Spud

Companies worked for:
Alpha Omega Wrestling
All Star Wrestling
Berkshire Superstar Wrestling
British Allstar Wrestling Alliance
British Hybrid Wrestling
British Wrestling Alliance
British Wrestling Revolution
BWF Brand
Celtic Championship Wrestling
Combat Zone Wrestling
Dynamic Pro Wrestling
Empire Professional Wrestling
Entertainment Pro Wrestling American Wrestling
Extreme American Wrestling
Fight Nation Wrestling
Five Star Wrestling
Frontier Wrestling Alliance
German Hurricane Wrestling
Gerry Norton Promotions
Good Wrestling
House Of Pain Wrestling
House Of Pain: Evolution
Insane Championship Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling: UK
Ironfist Wrestling
Kamikaze Pro
Leicester Championship Wrestling
Leicester Championship Wrestling Elevation
Lucha Forever
Monkey Madness Wrestling
New Generation Wrestling
New Revolution Wrestling
New Wave Wrestling Alliance
Northern Wrestling League
Norton British Wrestling
Paradox Pro Wrestling
Phoenix Pro Wrestling
Preston City Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 4 U
Pro Wrestling Heroes
Pro Wrestling Kingdom
Pro Wrestling Ulster
Pro Championship Wrestling
PR0GRESS Wrestling
Radical Innovation of Sports Entertainment (RISE) England
Real Deal Wrestling
Rebel Pro Wrestling
Royal Imperial Wrestling
Shooting Star Wrestling
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Target Wrestling
The Wrestling League
Three Count Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
TNT Extreme Wrestling
True Grit Wrestling
UK Main Event Wrestling
United European Wrestling Alliances
United Wrestling (In Association with WWA)
VII Pro Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
Xtreme Wrestling Championship Alliance

BWR Championship
EAW Tag Team Championship
LCW Heavyweight Championship
LCW Tag Team Championship
RBW Heavyweight Championship
SWE Heavyweight Championship
SWE Tag Team Championship
TCW Heavyweight Championship
TNT Extreme Wrestling World Champion
United Wrestling Heavyweight Championship
WCPW Heavyweight Championship
XWCA Tag Team Championship

2008 – Norton British Wrestling Shining Star Tournament winner

2013 – SWE Tag Team Of The Year (w/ Paul Malen)

2013 – EAW Tag Team Of The Year (w/ Paul Malen)

2014 – SWE Money In The Bank Winner

2016 – IPW:UK Male Wrestler of the Year

Signature moves:
Don’t Look Down
(Lifted, cradled opponent into a DDT)

The first independent wrestling show I attended was WCPW’s unaugural Loaded tapings back in June 2016. At that show Joseph Conners one of the first wrestlers I saw live and his style and character immediately hooked me in. Whether as a face or a heel, his in-ring psychology is incredible and his move set is captivating. I have been reliably informed by WhatCulture Pro Wrestling’s Jack the Jobber that Joseph Conners “looks like a wolf”. I certainly think this is in keeping with his unstable loner ‘Righteous Killer’ persona. Conners has many championship accolades, from promotion across the UK, and these include lengthy reigns as Southside Wrestling Entertainment heavyweight champion, Leicester Championship Wrestling heavyweight champion and he is also (at the time of writing) the longest reigning WCPW heavyweght champion in their short history. On top of his championships his feud with Liam Slater was also one of the most heavily featured angles of New Generation Wrestling which is significant because at the time NGW was the only UK promotion with a television deal meaning their reach surpassed many other wrestling companies in the UK. The Slater feud gave Conners a chance to showcase just how deranged he can really be.

This deranged persona was accentuated recently when Conners was selected as one of the sixteen competitors in the WWE UK Championship Tournament. Conners went into the tournament as one of the favourites and was incredibly impressive until his eventual elimination at the hands of Mark Andrews.

As mentioned above, Conners is the current longest reigning WCPW champion in history, which is significant because, although WCPW is a very young promotion, it already has a global audience (it has the second most YouTube subscribers of any wrestling company in the world) and has already become one of the UK’s most popular wrestling companies. How much of their popularity is down to Joseph Conners is up for debate but if is undeniable that a certain portion of WCPW’s success can be attributed to not only Conners enthralling Angle but also the high quality of his matches (especially his match with Drew Galloway).

Conners had been in WCPW since the very beginning. He took part in the first ever broadcast match in their history (a triple threat with Gabriel Kidd and Alex Gracie) and was a mainstay of their roster, having been part of every set of Loaded tapings and every iPPV they’d ever done until he recently left the company for the WWE. Conners was also a part of one of the most compelling, fully formed storylines early on, when WCPW was still finding its feet as a promotion, when he was in a tag team with Joe Hendry. This led to his eventual heel turn in one of the most dramatic moments in WCPW’s short history, when, during a fatal fourway match with Rampage Brown, Big Damo and Joe Hendry, he turned on his tag team partner and proceeded to batter him with a steel chair in order to win the WCPW championship. Here, he cemented himself as THE main event player in WCPW that he was always destined to be. Now on top, his persona shifted to that of a paranoid psychopath who was willing to do whatever it took to retain his championship, including breaking his opponents’ necks. He eventually lost the championship to Drew Galloway in the main event of the iPPV ‘Delete WCPW’, which was also WCPW’s first ever steel cage match (a triple threat also featuring Joe Hendry). Since Galloway never pinned Conners in a singles match, Conners could have a somewhat legitimate claim to another rematch, if he were ever to return to WCPW.

Since Conners left WCPW for the WWE he made it to the quarter finals of the WWE UK Championship Tournament, after defeating James Drake in the first round. He was eliminated after finally succumbing to Mark Andrews in a stellar bout. Although he wasn’t one of the most featured competitors in the tournament and he didn’t make it to the semi-finals, he had a prominent place on the card, and was presented like a star with a distinct personality. He had a good showing in both of his matches, which bodes well for his future in the WWE. I hope he is given the chance to showcase his talent and show the world how much of a star Joseph Conners is.

On behalf of myself and the entire Calling Spots team I would like to wish Joe all the best in the future and thank him for taking the time to speak to me and answer my questions. Cheers buddy!

Social Media:
Facebook – Joseph Conners (@1JosephConners)
Instagram – Joseph_conners
Twitter – JosephConners

Dream opponent:
Almost apologetically Conners told me “you’re probably sick of hearing this from wrestlers but it has to Shawn Michaels”. And then went on to say that his favourite incarnation of HBK was post-back injury Michaels after he made his return in 2002. Along with ‘Mr WrestleMania’ Conners also listed Christian as one of his all-time favourites and stated that he was particularly a fan of him during his feud with Randy Orton in 2012. This was during when “one more match” was Christian’s Unofficial catchphrase.

Random fact(s):
Conners starred as Shane in the 2012 indie film Nothing Man which is decribed on IMDb as “A homeless amnesiac strives to unlock the secret to his best friends murder but at the cost of unlocking his own checkered past.”

*as of May 2017

Written by Ella Guy-Vogel

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