Joseph Biggs

Name: Joseph Biggs

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 180lbs

Age*: 22

From: South Shields, England

Started training: 2014

Trained by:
Rampage Brown
NGW Academy

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
BWF Brand
Entertainment Pro Wrestling American Wrestling
Exciting Wrestling Entertainment
Full tilt Wrestling
Hybrid Pro wrestling
RAD: PRO wrestling
Upbrawl championship wrestling
Main Event Wrestling
Maximum Pro Wrestling
New Generation Wrestling
NORTH Wrestling NCL
Northern Championship Wrestling
Northumbria Pro Wrestling Society
Radical Innovation of Sports
Respect Pro Wrestling
Entertainment (RISE) England
Shield Pro Wrestling
Target Wrestling
Upbrawl Championship Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling

Titles/Accomplishments won
EWE Championship
FTW Tag Team Championships
MEW Tag Team Championship
MPW Flame of the Future
RadPro Coast2Coast Championship
RadPro Embryonix Championship
Target Wrestling High Octane Championship
UCW Championship

2017 – MEW Newcomer of the Year

2018 – UCW Yeah Boi Invitational Winner

Signature moves:
(death valley driver)
Punt kick

In a heavily populated North East scene, Joseph Biggs stands out as a one for the future. The high octane performer has been honing his craft for some of the top promotions and has even made his way further north to work for the brilliant promotion that is Target against the likes of company mainstay: Shady Nattrass.

The one thing I have noticed over the year or so I have known Biggs, is the fact that nobody seems to have a bad word to say about the lad from Shields. With multiple top level matches under his belt (including contests with the likes of: Nathan Cruz, Martin Kirby, HT Drake) it is showing that companies have the confidence in the young man.
Earlier in the year when I managed to chat with Joe, something clear to me was how much he values rubbing shoulders with the industries greats, going on record to say: “I’d have to say one of my best moments so far would be managing to appear on WCPW Loaded, it wasn’t something I was expecting, especially this early in my career. Just to be backstage with the likes of Kurt Angle, Cody Rhodes and Alberto El Patron was amazing.”

Although clearly capable on both ends of the spectrum, I personally believe that Biggs excels when given the opportunity to work the crowd over as a heel. A good sense of comedic timing accompanied by a confidence in “crowd banter” moulds together to create phrases such as “He’s like a mother to me” referring to Assassin in front of a jeering crowd.
It is surprising, due to his age, that Joe appears on so many posters around the North East. He has established himself as a very capable wrestler and through hard work and facing tough competition, is slowly building himself up as a draw. As of Friday the 24th of November Joe will have competed for our Calling Spots championship on TWO occasions. This will be a feat only shared with another competitor in the match, Aaron Echo. A recent alliance between Biggs and North East veteran Dave Carbon is also a sure fire way to help Joe along his journey, a mix of experience and youth guarantees some top class matches in the near future.

We at Calling Spots wish Josep Biggs the very best on his journey as a professional wrestler.

Dream matchup(s):
Biggs stated in an interview with BWF in March that he would love to face the likes of Kenny Williams and Prince Ameen (the second of which has now taken place in tag team action.)

Random fact(s):
A few months ago when myself and fellow Calling Spots contributor Neil Rogers recorded a podcast with Biggs, we spoke about how he had only hit 2 moonsaults previously. On that very night Biggs went out and hit his third, we’ve now had the privilege of seeing Joe bust out the move during big match situations.

Whilst early in his career, Biggs once fell through the boards as he was setting up the ring. This left him with a massive bruise that took almost a month to heal. Ouch!

*as of December 2018

Written by Lewis Kelly

Credit to Chris Searle for the photograph