Jordynne Grace

Credit to Harry Aaron for the photograph

Name: Jordynne Grace

Nickname(s): The Last Pure Athlete, Thick Mamma Pump

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 150lbs

Age*: 22

From: Austin, Texas, USA

Started training: 2011

Trained by:
Grace credits “The Road” as her trainer

Companies worked for:
Adrenaline Championship Wrestling
Alour Professional Wrestling
Allstar Alliance Wrestling Vanguard
Alternative Wrestling Show
America’s Most Liked Wrestling
American Championship Entertainment
Anarchy Championship Wrestling
Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment
Atomic Championship Wrestling
Bad Boys of Wrestling
Battle Club Pro
Beyond Wrestling
Black Label Pro
Capital City Championship Combat
Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling
Combat Zone Wrestling
Desastre Total Ultraviolento
Destiny Wrestling Organisation
Dynamo Pro Wrestling
Eastern Pennsylvania Wrestling Entertainment Underground
Evolution Pro Wrestling
Far Beyond Wrestling
Freelance Wrestling
Girl Fight
Iconic Heroes Wrestling Excellence Wrestling
Impact Wrestling
Independent World Wrestling Alliance
International Wrestling Alliance Mid-South
Keystone Pro Wrestling
Limitless Wrestling
Lone Star Championship Wrestling
Lucha Libre Femenil
Magnificent Ladies Wrestling
Making Towns Wrestling
Metroplex Wrestling
National Wrestling Alliance
National Wrestling Alliance Atlanta
National Wrestling Alliance Southern All-star Wrestling
New England Female Wrestling
NOVA Pro Wrestling
Over The Top Wrestling
Pro Wrestling EVE
Pro Wrestling Magic
PROGRESS Wrestling
Proving Ground Pro
Renegade Wrestling Alliance
Resistance Pro Wrestling
Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling
Shine Wrestling
Sleeper Kid’s World
SMASH Wrestling
Stricktly Nsane Pro Wrestling
Strong Style Wrestling
Texas Wrestling Federation
The Making Towns Classic
Tier One Wrestling
Title Match Wrestling
Universal Independent Wrestling
Vicious Outcast Wrestling
Warriors Of Wrestling
Wild Fire Wrestling
Women Superstars Uncensored
Women’s Wrestling Evolution
Women’s Wrestling Revolution Pro Wrestling
World Idol Pro Wrestling
World Series Wrestling
Worlds Finest Wrestling
X Wrestling Alliance
Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling

Titles held/accomplishments:
BCP Women’s Championship
BLP Icons Championship
KPW Vixen Championship
PROGRESS Wrestling Women’s Championship
PWM Women’s Championship
WSU Spirit Championship
WSW Women’s Championship

2017 – WWRPW Tournament for Tomorrow winner

2018 – NOVA Pro Wrestling Commonwealth Cup Winner

Signature moves:
Fall From Grace
(Double Leg Slam)

Jordynne Grace lives in the United States, I live in the England. She has never wrestled in England or appeared on English television (yet). She has never wrestled for Ring Of Honor or TNA/Impact Wrestling (again yet) and I do not watch much American independent wrestling. In another era I would never have been able to see Grace wrestle or even learn who she is. Thankfully we do not live in that era and thanks to one of our American readers recommending I check out her work and I am now a huge fan of ‘The Last Pure Athlete’.

The first thing that struck me when looked up Jordynne is how strikingly unique she looked, obviously she is drop dead gorgeous but there is also Zero doubt that she could kick my ass. I did a little research on her, watched a couple of matches and decided that I would love to find out more about her wrestling journey and I reached out to her by email. Thankfully she got back to me and, despite the time difference, we were able to organise an interview.

Grace grew up watching WWE and TNA, she was particularly fond of the X Division. In 2011, at the age of 14, she began wrestling training, mainly as a hobby because she wasn’t involved in any extracurricular activities at school. She enjoyed her training so much that wrestling soon went from being a hobby to being something she wanted to dedicate her life to. She felt so strongly that professional wrestling was the career for her that she made bold decision to graduate high school a year early so that she could relocate to an area where the indy scene was big enough for her to support herself. As my knowledge of the American education system begins and ends in what I have seen on television and in movies I asked Grace if early graduation is a common and if it is an easy thing to do. Jordynne told me “it’s definitely not a common thing. In fact, most people don’t even realize it can be done. It was an inconvenience, but not difficult for me at all really. I did a summer of college classes and my third year I went to an extra college class on top of my high school ones in order to do was completely my idea. I always hated school, and it was way better to get out than drop out. I graduated number four in my class out of over 400 students.”

So to summarise Grace gave up her summer so that she could take extra classes, then took extra classes on top of the usual amount while at the same time continuing her wrestling training. And she did this at the tender age of 16/17. And she finished in the top 1% of her class. I’m sure we can all agree that that is an impressive amount of dedication for anyone to show let alone someone so young.

Unfortunately Grace’s relocation didn’t go quite to plan. Originally she moved to St. Louis, which turned out to be a “huge bust”. She moved there to be near to SHIMMER but that didn’t work out (she hasn’t wrestled for them, yet) and she decided to once again relocate. Thankfully this time the move paid off and Grace told me “The east coast is the best place for me. I’ve made more money and had more visibility here than I ever have anywhere else.”

In her young career Grace has already appeared for over 50 different promotions across North America (she made her debut in Mexico for Lucha Libre Femenil at the age of 17) and has earned a reputation as one of the most promising performers, male or female, around. She wrestles a tough brawling style and possesses a vast array of power moves and submissions that allow her to take advantage of her powerful frame, Grace can bench press close to 200lbs and squats 230lbs. This ability to lift and her all round athletocism has earned Jordynne the nickname ‘The Last Pure Athlete’.

On top of being an accomplished singles competitor Grace has also started building a reputation as a successful tag team wrestler. She and her partner, LuFisto, wrestle as the team of PAWGs (an acronym for Phat Ass White Girls) and have wrestled numerous times for various promotions. The duo are so physically imposing that they often wrestle intergender matches and have competed for tag team gold in divisions comprising almost entirely of men.

I asked Grace about whether she has a preference for singles or tag matches. As always she seemed to answer me openly and honestly “I prefer singles if I really want to stand out at a show. I love the spotlight, and sometimes it’s hard to share it. That being said, Team PAWG blew up pretty quick and everybody loves it. I love it. It’s fun and different than anything I’ve done before, and LuFisto is one of the best in the world. Also it’s pretty great being paid the same amount for essentially half the work. Oh, and BREAKS. Pretty much in love with the fact that I can hand over the reins sometimes.”

As always I asked what Grace’s longterm goal is and what she hopes to achieve in wrestling. She told me “I just want to keep traveling and making money. My life is pretty great, and anything that comes along to make it greater, I’ll welcome it. I think people often make the mistake of wanting more and wanting more and wanting more. I’m in a place right now where I’m really financially stable, a decent wrester, I sell a lot of merch at shows, and I’m loving my life.”

Jordynne Grace is one of the best wrestlers I have had the fortune to stumble across and I strongly recommend you check out some of her matches online. I spent well over a hour being impressed by matches between Grace and various opponents such as LuFisto, Tess Valentine, Maria Manic, Veda Scott and Mia Jim (Impact Wrestling’s Jade). Given she is only 21 years old it is genuinely scary how good, nay great, she will become in the future. On behalf of the entire Calling Spots team I would like to thank Jordynne for taking the time to answer my questions and I wish her the very best for the future.

Social Media:
Facebook – Jordynne Grace (@jordynnenation)
Instagram – jordynnegrace
Twitter – JordynneGrace

Dream opponent:
I always ask this question and usually I reword an answer but in this instance I think Grace said it best.
Me: If you could wrestle anyone from wrestling history or from the current day (male or female) who would it be and would you add any stipulation?

Random fact(s):
Grace has four siblings and am is going to be a first time aunt in September.

Grace was the opponent in Brandi Rhodes’ first ever match. Grace lost.

*as of March 2019

Written by Neil Rogers

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