Jordan Devlin

Credit to John Morrissey Photography and Design for the photograph

Name: Jordan Devlin

Nickname(s)/Aliases: Aguila Artois, Aguila II, Frank David

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 181lbs

Age*: 30

From: Bray, Ireland

Started training: 2002

Trained by:
Fergal Devitt (aka WWE’s Finn Balor)
Paul Tracey

Companies worked for:
American Wrestling Rampage
ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
British Championship Wrestling
Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland
Celtic Championship Wrestling
Discovery Wrestling
Fight Club: PRO
Fight Factory Pro Wrestling
Flemish Wrestling Force
French Professional Wrestling Organisation
Infinite Promotions
Insane Championship Wrestling
L’International Catch Alliance
Lucha Forever
Main Stage Wrestling
National Wrestling Alliance Ireland
National Wrestling Alliance UK Hammerlock
No Limit Wrestling
Over The Top Wrestling
Pacific Coast Wrestling
Premier British Wrestling
Pro Wrestling ZERO1
Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Ireland
Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Spain
PROGRESS Wrestling
Revolution Pro Wrestling
TNT Extreme Wrestling
United European Wrestling Alliance
Uprising School of Pro-Wrestling
Westside Dojo
Westside Xtreme Wrestling
White Wolf Wrestling

Titles/accomplishments won:
BCW Tag Team Championship
FFPW Irish Junior Heavyweight Championship
NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Championship
NWA Ireland Tag Team Championship
OTT No Limit World Championship
PBW Tag Team Championship
PROGRESS Tag Team Championship
TNT Championship
WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship

2017 – #364 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

Signature moves:
Package Piledriver
Slingshot Cutter

Firstly, Jordan I’m sorry. I know we spoke quite a long time ago but I really wasn’t sure at what to write. I think I may have been somewhat embarrassed about how my introduction to you came to happen. I’m not sure if I told you this but here it goes… As a heterosexual man it is rare that I instantly rcognise the attractiveness of a fellow man (the last time before you was when I sat face-to-face with Johnny Mundo and contemplated leaving my wife for him) BUT I first saw you it was because you had commented on one of our mutual friend’s Facebook posts and I simply had to ask her who that beautiful man with the perfect eyes was. That mutual friend, was Martina The Session Moth (so she may have been drunk at the time) and she replied by telling me “Jordan’s the best young wrestler we have in Ireland” and the said something about being a ride and liking naggins of vodka. Like I say, it was the Session Moth so she was probably drunk although it was only about 11am on a Wednesday. So I asked her to mention I would be in touch and see if you would like Calling Spots to create a profile and got started on my research.

Not for the first time, once I started my research I began to doubt how much of a fan I really am as I soon realised that Martina may have undersold Devlin’s talent. Not only is he one of the best young wrestlers in Ireland he may be one of the best young wrestlers anywhere. I also learned that if you search “Jordan Devlin” on YouTube two channels that are suggested, one is a French guy who makes a lot of GTA 5 videos and the other is a lad that films himself riding his skateboard.

So armed with enough information on Devlin I contacted the man himself and we chatted over Facebook for a few hours off and on and I feel I got to know him well enough and find out everything I need to put together an insightful piece like this. For instance I now know that Devlin originally became a fan of wrestling he would watch it on a Saturday morning and he remembers being drawn in by the larger than life characters and story lines. He remembers watching the Vince McMahon-Austin rivalry at it’s peak and thinks the first episode of Raw that he watched was the one where Austin filled up Vince’s white Corvette with cement. At that moment he decided two things. One, Stone Cold was the biggest bad ass ever and two, wrestling was for him.

After making that decision Devlin decided to start training around age 12 and his love of the over the top characters changed as he became obsessed with the physicality and athleticism of the sport. I asked Devlin what sort of wrestling (if any) does he watch now that he is a 14 year veteran and he told me “I’ll watch anything and everything. I did get hugely into NJPW when Fergal was working over there and I still keep up with what’s going on over there. I love watching that Japanese strong style. Other than that I keep up a bit with WWE and what’s going on with Fergal. The CWC is great too, I have a few friends competing in that.” When asked if his friends were the British trio of Zack Sabre Jr, Jack Gallagher and Noam Dar he confirmed he is friends with all three of them along with Ho Ho Lun and Jason Lee, both of whom are from Hong Kong and Devlin met them when working in Japan in 2011 and 2012.

As many wrestlers I speak to express their desire to visit and wrestle in Japan I asked Devlin about his experiences and he told me that he had two separate three month tours and probably wrestled about 60-70 matches altogether. He also said that he had loved every minute of it and that his highlighy was probably his match with the legendary Masato Tanaka.

It wasn’t long after his last tour of Japan in 2012 that he performed in the UK as he wrestled Project Ego (Calling Spots Hall of Famers Martin Kirby and Kris Travis) for the Rev Pro Tag Team Championships with his ‘The Big Hangover’ team-mate Shawn Maxer. Since 2013, Devlin has wrestled exclusively in Ireland which, much like the UK, is experiencing a renaissance over the last few years. Along with wrestling regularly Devlin has started the train young wrestlers and is replacing the departed Fergal Devitt as one of the best trainers in the country.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Devlin is literally one of Fergal Devitt’s (aka Finn Balor) best pals. As in, Devlin has his number and Devitt answers the phone when he calls him and they speak on a regular basis. When asked about what Devitt is like as a mentor Devlin told me that as he has known Devitt since he was 12 he looks up to him a great deal and credits him as probably the biggest influence of his career. He also said that he hopes go on one day to emulate some of Devitt’s success and when I asked his feelings about him being the winner of the first WWE Universal Championship (spoke before Balor had to vacate the title) he said “Overjoyed mate, honestly so happy. Can’t even describe it to you. I’ve been telling anyone that’ll listen that he’s the best in the world for the last 10 years, glad now that he’s proved it. Unbelievable feeling of pride.”

Like Devitt, Devlin is capable of wrestling many different styles and in the matches and highlights I have seen he appears to be fearless or crazy depending on your point of view (here is a clip of Devlin attempting to hit a Moonsault off a very high ladder). He is also accustomed to performing as in a tag team as well as being a singles competitor and regularly tags with Sean Maxer as the ‘Big Hangovers’. When asked about his preferred style or character Devlin told me that he enjoys portraying a heel as he feels some of his biggest strength lie in his ability to control the pace of a match and interact with fans. The thought of me booing such a beautiful human being seems incredibly unlikely but given how talented I have learned Devlin is I reckon he might just be able to make me do it.

I have often heard it said in wrestling that if your ultimate aim isn’t to be the champion or the very best then you might as well give up as you are just taking up space. With this in mind and having gotten to know Devlin reasonably well I feel it is fair to say that he definitely is NOT taking up space. He is clearly determined with a strong work ethic and drive to be the very best and given his mentor is currently one of the best in the very best in the world I have to believe that with a little luck and the right opportunities Devlin may well be able to achieve his dreams of being the best in the world.

As always on behalf of the Calling Spots team I would like to wish him all the best in the future. Also, on a personal note I would like to thank Devlin for his time in answering my questions and I’d like to apologise for our conversation being text based but I don’t think I’d have been able to concentrate given how fantastic your accent is. Finally, if you are ever in Newcastle give me a ring.

Social Media:
Instagram – j_devlin1
Twitter – Jordan_devlin1

Dream opponent:
Kurt Angle as Devlin believes that in his prime he was the perfect wrestler. Devlin told me “He was strong, fast, agile, charismatic, had a great physique and possessed perfect technique. His promo work is up there with some of the best. It seemed like everything he attempted was executed flawlessly. He was the total package and I’m sure I’d a great match with him. I’d also love to have worked a 1995 HBK or 1980’s Flair. Kingpins of their eras.”

Random fact(s):
Devlin has the motto of NWA Ireland (the club his trainers, Devitt and Tracey, set up) tattooed on his body. He wouldn’t share what this motto is and when I asked where on his perfect body is the tattoo he told me “it’s hidden”.

Not a random fact but here is a match where Devlin faces off (albeit in a tag match) with his trainer, mentor and friend Fergal Devitt from 2011.

* as of April 2020

Written by Neil Rogers