Joe Coffey

Credit to David J Wilson for the photograph

Name: Joe Coffey

Nickname(s): The Iron Man, The Mighty Wrestler, The Wild Boy

Height: 5’10″

Weight: 110kgs of raw minerals (approx 242lbs)

Age*: 29

From: Glasgow, Scotland

Started training: 2009

Trained by:
Big Damo
SWA Academy
Fergal Devitt (WWE’s Finn Balor)
Johnny Moss
Mikey Whiplash

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
Association Biterroise de Catch
British Championship Wrestling
DEFIANT Wrestling
Discovery Wrestling
EVOLVE Wrestling
Fight Factory Pro Wrestling
Five Star Wrestling
House Of Pain: Evolution
HXC Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling: UK
Kamikaze Pro
No Limit Wrestling
Over The Top Wrestling
Premier British Wrestling
Preston City Wrestling
Pride Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Elite
Pro Wrestling ZERO1
Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Ireland
Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Spain
PROGRESS Wrestling
Reckless Intent Wrestling
Rock N Wrestling
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Scottish Wrestling Alliance: Source
Target Championship Wrestling
Three Count Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
TNT Extreme Wrestling
Triple Team Promotions
Triple X Wrestling
Union Of European Wrestling Alliances
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
World Of Sport
World Wide Wrestling League
World Wrestling Network
Wu Tech Wrestling

Titles/Accomplishments won:
Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship
ICW World Heavyweight Championship
Scottish Heavyweight Championship
SWA Laird Of The Ring Championship
Target Wrestling Championship
W3L Tag Team Championship
W3L World Heavyweight Championship
WrestleZone Undisputed Championship

2014 – ICW Bammy Award “Wrestler of the Year”

2015 – ICW Bammy Award “Wrestler of the Year”

2016 – ICW Bammy Award for Male Wrestler of the Year

2017 – ICW Square Go winner

Signature moves:
Big Swing
Discus Clothesline

Joe Coffey has been a fan of wrestling for a long time and remembers as a child watching wrestling on a Friday night with his brother Mark, also a wrestler, with a pizza and flicking between WCW and WWF (now WWE) and being obsessed with the athleticism and the larger than life characters. Mainly a WWF guy he does have many fond memories of watching WCW during the peak of the Monday Night Wars around 1997.

Now if you were to look at Coffey and his massive build you might assume that he would have been a fan of Rick Steiner or maybe Scott Norton but you’d be wrong. As a youngster he was actually a fan of Shawn Michaels along with Bret and Owen Hart and, despite probablu weighing as much as any two of them together, you can see their influences in his style if you watch him often enough. Given his physique and nickname ‘The Mighty Wrestler’ is obviously more than capable of wrestling a brawling style as well as duplexing and throwing his opponent around at his discretion, surpringly though he is also adept at throwing himself around and given the right opponent (Big Damo and Jason Prime come to mind) he has been known to take flight through the ropes or even OVER the top rope with the ability of a man half his size.

A veteran with almost ten years experience, Joe Coffey has already established himself as one of the best big men in British wrestling and with a match with the legendary Kurt Angle confirmed for Fear & Loathing IX this November for ICW (tickets available here) expect to see and hear a lot more from ‘The Iron Man’ and remember
“He’s a wrestler,
A mighty wrestler,
His name is Joe Coffey”

To the tune of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’

Social Media:
Instagram – joecoffey88
Twitter – Joe_Coffey

Dream opponent:
Owen Hart. One of Coffey’s favourite matches to re-watch is a match between Owen Hart and ‘The British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith for the European Championship that was held in Germany during the early 90s. Coffey was a huge fan of Owen Hart and would love to have been able to go against him.
A close second to Hart is ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels who is Coffey’s favourite wrestler of all time and who he describes as “the epitome of everything a wrestler is supposed to be”.

Random fact(s):
Joe describes himself as “Coffey by name, coffee by nature” and is a bit of a coffee addict. When asked for a random fact he proudly showed off his phone case which is adjourned with McDonalds coffee stickers meaning he will likely never have to pay for a cup of coffee in McDonalds again.

Before dedicating himself to becoming ‘The Mighty Wrestler’ that he is today Coffey played rugby at a high standard and almost played professional. He was a front row utility player meaning he played prop and hooker.

Coffey is a huge (literally) football fan and his favourite team is Celtic.

Coffey’s favourite soft drink is Fanta lemon (or should it be limon) from Spain or when he is Japan he particularly likes Aquarius and Pocari Sweat.

*as of May 2017

Written by Neil Rogers